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Permissions required

To add new articles to the LawVu Knowledge Base, ensure you have the Manage articles and documents permission toggled on. To check, click on your initials on the top right of your screen, and go to Permissions and Knowledge Management.

Creating Knowledge Base articles

1. Go to the Knowledge Base icon and click on New Article.

2. Write in the title, optionally a subtitle, and the text or body. You can insert images into this page by dragging and dropping them into the content area.

3. Use the available formatting options to style your text and draw the reader's attention to specific parts of the article to emphasize important information.

4. You can add files to the article by clicking on Attach Files.

Save the article under an Article Category to keep your library organized.

Also, decide who you want to have access to your article. To read more on how you can set up role-specific landing articles as well as restrict documents and articles to specific teams and users check this link.

When writing a new article, clicking the 'Create Article' button will initially save it as Draft. Keep the article in Draft if you need to make later edits to it, and once ready, Publish it.

Linking from articles to forms (and other contents)

The best way to add information to your main article is by linking the article matter/contract create forms, existing articles, or external links.

To create a link in your article, you have two options: you can highlight the relevant text in the article and click the link icon, or click on the LawVu Link directly, to add content. A pop-up window will appear to let you choose how your link looks and behaves.

You can display the link either as Text or as a Button.

A few examples: Linking as Text to an External Website

Linking a button to existing content in LawVu

In the below animation, I am creating a button that points to a matter create form:

You can link multiple articles to create a decision tree for your users. You'll begin by creating all the individual articles you'd like to add. Your articles can include information about different matter types and contract types, contain links to an external website, etc.

For example, in the screenshot above, if the user selects 'Option 1', it opens a list of contract types. If they select 'Option 2', they see a list of matter types to choose from.

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