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Role-specific Knowledge Base articles and Privacy Settings
Role-specific Knowledge Base articles and Privacy Settings

Learn how to set up role-specific landing articles as well as restrict documents and articles to specific teams and users

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Org Administrators have the ability to feature specific articles in the Business Portal and the Knowledge base landing page for specific teams or people in order to ensure the correct audience can view the appropriate content.

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Set role-specific articles for the Knowledge landing page

You can set a specific article to load when the Knowledge Base is accessed. This is called the landing article, and it can vary for users based on their role.

To make these changes, you must be an Org Administrator and have 'Manage knowledge settings' permission enabled.

Go to Settings > Knowledge Management > Knowledge Landing> Settings

Select the user roles you want to set a landing article for, then click Add Article.

You can customize each role individually or choose more than one:

Select the article you want to display by clicking the Link button.

You can repeat the process for all other user roles. Watch this animation to see how:

From now on, users accessing Knowledge Base will see the article set up for their role specifically.

Ensure the Knowledge landing articles have the correct 'access' levels, i.e. when selecting an article for Business users, the access level on the article needs to be 'Anyone can View'. For detailed information on how to create articles, click here.

Restrict article access to specific teams and users

Users with 'Manage articles and documents' permission will be able to see and access the Knowledge Base page and tailor article visibility to specific teams and users.

For newly created articles, you can review the privacy settings by going to the Access area and choosing between one of the 3 privacy settings: Anyone can view / Only legal users can view / Only selected users can view.

Legal users encompass Org Admin, In-house Legal, and Contributor roles.

If 'Only selected users can view' is selected, you can search for and select the team or individual(s) you want to have visibility over this article. People with 'Manage articles and documents' permission will be automatically included by default.

Here is a quick animation on how to restrict access to a specific team and user:

To change the privacy settings of existing articles, open them and click on Edit > Access

Restrict document categories to specific teams and users

Similarly, to decide who has visibility over different documents, you can set the privacy settings for their respective Document Categories. Click on the three toggle dots located on the right of each category to edit permissions.

Click on +Add to select the Teams or Individuals you want to have visibility and Save at the end:

Note: Uncategorized document folder does not have privacy settings, so the best practice would be to move the documents to relevant categories as soon as possible.

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