Default permissions for roles

This article is for Admins in organizations that have Default Permissions enabled. Learn how to manage default permissions for each role.

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Default permissions are a set of preset permissions given to each role in LawVu.

They make things easier by ensuring that users with the same role get the same access to features without manual adjustments. This saves time, reduces mistakes, and keeps data safe.

It's like having a standard plan for what each role can do. With default permissions, all business users, contributors, in-house legal users, and administrators share the same permissions rights based on their roles.

Before you can use it, the LawVu staff needs to activate default permissions for your organization. Reach out to your CSM or Customer Support for assistance.

You, as an Organization Admin, will set the permission level for each role.

Note that the permission changes will apply to all new and existing users.

1. Go to Organization Settings on the bottom left corner of the LawVu page, and click on User Management.

2. Go to User Roles > Settings

3. Select the role for which you want to set default permissions

4. Toggle your preferred permissions on/off and click Save

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