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Overview of roles and permissions

As your team grows and changes you will need to manage roles and permissions for your team members.

Every person in LawVu is assigned one of the following roles:

In-House Legal Team roles

  • Organisation Admin / LawVu Administrator

  • In-house Legal

  • Contributor

  • Standard user

Legal Service Providers roles

  • Organisation Admin / LawVu Administrator

  • Matter Manager

  • Standard user

(See this article for more detail on roles).

Each role consists of a default group of permissions that you can customize for each person.

How to change roles & permissions

To start with, roles and permissions are applied to people, and as such, they are managed on a person-by-person basis. Your first step is to find the person whose role or permission you would like to manage.

1 - Click Settings icon > User management > User settings

2 - Find the person whose permissions you want to manage. In this case, it will be 'Camilla Jones'. Note the role listed beside their name.

3 - Click on that person's name and a preview window will appear. From there, click on the Edit button.

4 - This will take you to the person's profile. From here, just click on the Permissions item in the menu.

From here you can now change their role and any additional permissions.

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