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This user guide is for those using a LawVu-managed DocuSign account

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Eliminate traditional wet-signing and accelerate agreements with LawVu's DocuSign integration. This user guide is for those using a LawVu-managed DocuSign account.

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Sending a contract via DocuSign

Ensure your LawVu Administrator has the LawVu-managed DocuSign account enabled for your organization.

Whenever a matter or contract is opened, the combined signing icon will appear in the sidebar to the right of the screen.

A note for Users whose organization uses their own DocuSign account: if your organization does not use LawVu-managed DocuSign, you will not see the signing icon or the panel (see below)

There are 4 ways to send a contract for signing:

1. Click the Stage button to move the contract along the lifecycle, and then select Signing.

2. Click on Send for signing from the suggested next step.

3. From the Files tab of a matter, select the appropriate file and click the ellipsis button to display the actions menu containing the Send to DocuSign option.

4. From the Overview tab, click on the Sign icon found on the top right-hand side of your contract file.

Click Sign with DocuSign to open the DocuSign interface. You can then decide if you want to keep the contract in the signing stage and manually move it to the executed stage when needed, or automatically move it to the executed stage in LawVu once all recipients have signed.

Prepare your document within DocuSign as usual. If you require help at this stage, contact the administrator in your organization for further training, or consult the DocuSign support resources here.

Once you have completed the necessary steps, hit Send.

Once all the signatories have signed the contract, it will return to LawVu. Clicking the contract file will display the signed version, with previous versions available via the version history timeline on the left.

Note: DocuSign supports file sizes up to 25MB for an envelope. There is a file size limit of 25MB for attaching completed documents to emails sent by DocuSign to recipients when an envelope is completed.

Checking the status of your contracts

You can check the status of the documents at any time by clicking the Signing panel in the right-hand toolbar. Note that the panel only displays DocuSign agreements related to the selected matter or contract.

If you close DocuSign before sending the document for signing, LawVu will display the "Created" status against the file. This allows you the flexibility to revisit the file, make any required edits, and proceed with sending it for signing.

Once you send it for signing, it will show as Sent.

You can also use the Remind button to send a reminder to any signatories who have not yet signed.

Editing in DocuSign

To edit an agreement in DocuSign, select the appropriate contract, then click the Edit button.

Use the DocuSign editing tools to adjust your document as desired.

Clicking the Advanced Options button will bring up a panel with extra features you may find helpful in making the signing process easier and more efficient.

  • Recipient Privileges - allows recipients to change signing responsibility or assign a delegated signer.

  • Reminders - lets you send automatic reminders and set the number of days before the first one is sent and the number of days between reminders.

  • Expiration - enter the number of days before the request expires. See when the envelope will expire and enter the number of days in which signers will receive an expiration warning.

  • Enable comments - allows you to add relevant communications about the contract.

Once you save your changes and click next, you'll have the option to:

  • Preview the document.

  • Discard the changes you made.

  • Use the editing tools.

Note: you must click the Correct button to save the changes to your contract and exit the edit mode.

If you don't, the next recipient won't be able to sign and will receive an error opening envelope for editing message in LawVu and an envelope not accessible message in DocuSign.

Voiding in DocuSign

To void an agreement you have sent via DocuSign, select the appropriate contract in LawVu and click the Void button.

If any of your intended signatories refuse to sign an agreement, it will be marked as Declined in LawVu and effectively rendered void.

Downloading partially signed contract from DocuSign

It's important to note that when a contract is sent out for signature to multiple parties through DocuSign, the system will not update the signed version until all parties have signed. If you need to download a partially signed contract, go to the signing panel and click Edit.

In the DocuSign modal, click on the ellipsis on the document and select the Download document option. Click on discard changes or Next / Correct, to get out of edit mode.

Download the certificate of completion

To download the certificate of completion, go to the document completion email sent by DocuSign and click on View Completed Document.

You will be redirected to the DocuSign portal, where you will see the completed document. Click on Other Actions and select View Certificate.

For administrators: required permissions

In order for the DocuSign integration to function, we request the following DocuSign API scope from the user:




Required to call most eSignature REST API endpoints

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