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How to use LawVu's Adobe Sign integration
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Adobe Sign is a cloud-based e-signature service that allows users to send, sign, track, and manage signature processes. Our Adobe Sign integration enables you to select files you have uploaded to LawVu, then send them for signing at a click of a button.

Note: The Adobe Sign integration is unavailable on Adobe Individual or Team pricing plans due to Adobe API restrictions. It requires an Enterprise-level plan (also known as "Acrobat Sign Solutions").

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How to enable the Adobe Sign integration

A person with the Organization Admin role can enable the Adobe Sign integration. To enable the integration -

  1. Go to Settings

  2. Select Integrations

  3. Click the Find out more button under Adobe Sign.

Click on Get started.

A pop-up window will appear. To enable the integration, select Enable now.

Enabling Adobe Sign this way is the quickest way to get started. You may also contact your Customer Success Manager to request they enable it for you.

How to send documents to Adobe Sign

Once your Adobe Sign integration is enabled, you can begin sending files out of LawVu for signing.

To send a document to Adobe Sign from the Files tab of a matter or contract, select the appropriate file and click on the ellipsis (3-dot) button that displays the actions menu. Choose the Send to Adobe Sign option.

To send a contract file to Adobe Sign, click on Send for signing to be presented with the Send to Adobe Sign option.

You will now be redirected to Adobe Sign and asked to log in. Once you've finished setting up your document, click on Send.

Once all the signatories have signed the document, it will return as the signed version to LawVu. If you have sent a contract file and chosen the Move to executed option when sending the file to Adobe Sign, the contract will automatically move along the contract lifecycle to the Executed stage.

The signed file will become the current signed version of the file, and the original file will be available as the previous version.

Checking the status of your sent documents

Once you have sent documents to Adobe Sign, you can check their status by clicking on the signing icon in the right-hand toolbar. This panel displays only those envelopes related to the current matter or contract.

You can send reminders to any outstanding signatories by selecting the appropriate matter or contract and clicking on the Remind button.

Editing documents in Adobe Sign

Click on the Edit option in the panel to modify your document. Click on Manage This Agreement to edit the document.

The options visible under Actions will depend on the type of Adobe account you use. Click here to learn more about how to manage and modify documents.

Voiding in Adobe Sign

Click on the Void option in the combined panel of the appropriate contracting LawVu to void an agreement in Adobe Sign.

If the contract is canceled from Adobe Sign, it will reflect in the panel in LawVu.

If one of your signatories declines to sign the contract, the contract will be marked as cancelled.

To check if the recipient has added any comment while declining, go to your Adobe Sign account / Manage / Canceled. Click on the document you sent for signing and go to Activity.

Note - All email notifications are sent out by Adobe Sign and not LawVu.

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