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DocuSign - getting started
DocuSign - getting started

An overview of the LawVu Docusign integration and how to enable it

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DocuSign is a leading digital signing service. It allows you to take files and contracts you have uploaded in LawVu and send them out for signing at the click of a button. No more printing, posting and waiting. Using DocuSign gives you immediacy and visibility over the entire signing process.

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Integration options - your DocuSign account or ours?

We have two ways that we can set up the DocuSign integration:

1 - If your organization already has a Docusign account, we can use your Docusign account to complete the integration. Any contracts or files signed will also be saved inside your Docusign account.

The LawVu Integration is compatible with all DocuSign plans that include OAuth as a feature (Starter, Intermediate, Advanced)

2 - If you don't have your own DocuSign account or prefer not to have one, you can utilize LawVu's DocuSign account instead.

Outwardly both options work the same way, but the main difference is the data retention.

Using your own DocuSign account, you can always log in to DocuSign and see a history of the documents you have signed.

Whereas, if you use our account, there is no option to log in separately to DocuSign, and documents are automatically purged from DocuSign after signing. DocuSign customer accounts are created as child accounts of the main LawVu DocuSign account and remain segregated from all other customers. The LawVu activity log is updated whenever action is taken on the file in LawVu so you can fully see the document's status.

How to enable the DocuSign integration

The DocuSign integration can be enabled by a person with the Organization Admin role and is a simple process:

1 - Click on Organization Settings.

2 - Navigate to Integrations.

3 - Locate the Docusign card and click on the Find out more button.

4 - Then click on the Get started button.

5 - A small window will pop up and you can enable the integration but clicking the Enable Now button.

Enabling DocuSign like this is the quickest way to get started, and by doing so, it will be assumed that you already have your own DocuSign account.

The first time you send a document from LawVu over to DocuSign, you will be asked to log in to your DocuSign account, and from there, the process will work as usual.

How to use the LawVu Docusign account

You'll still need to go through the steps above to enable the DocuSign integration, and after you have done that, get in touch with us via the support icon at the bottom right and ask us to set it up to use the LawVu account. We can supply pricing and make the necessary adjustments behind the scenes.

Note: We are building out a user interface to enable you to do all of this, but for the moment, you'll need to get in touch, and we'll do it for you.

To learn more about LawVu managed DocuSign, click here.

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