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Boost your productivity with the new and improved Hub — home to information and tools to make you more efficient!

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The Hub is your landing page in LawVu. It is a unified space that provides easy access to tools and information that help you be more productive and successful.

The Hub contains an overview of everything you have on the go and lets you quickly and easily see what you have been working on, the items that are waiting for you and require action, and what you've got coming up.

Customize your Hub

The Hub is designed to be fit for purpose and tailored to each individual’s needs through its customizable widgets so that it only displays information that users care about the most.

To start, click on the Organise button top right of your screen to select which widgets you want to be displayed in your Hub view choosing from Actions, Files, Planner, Recent work, Contracts, and Matters Views, and To do's :

Select the checkboxes next to each of them to make them visible/hide:

We encourage you to re-arrange this view so that the most important information is displayed at the top. Simply select and drop the widgets to the desired location. If you don't want to see a widget, you can also click on the three vertical dots to remove it.


Recent work

Allows you to jump straight into your most recent work, providing instant access to the matters and contracts you are currently working on. Each card will have a brief summary of the matter/contract ID, title type, owner as well as contract stage. The list will constantly update as you work on different matters and contracts.


A list of items that show you at a glance precisely what is being asked of you, who requested it, and how long it has been waiting. It prevents you from being a blocker by ensuring you are aware of your most critical tasks. You can click on these items to see a preview and jump to the relevant matter, contract, or invoice if needed. Read more about actions here.

Matters and Contracts View

You can customize these widgets fully to showcase the information that matters most to you. You can link them to display your matters, contracts, or Intake requests and connect them to your saved views or views that have been shared with you.

These widgets are convenient when you frequently work with specific items and want them readily visible on the Hub's page for quick and convenient access.

Start on the 'Organize' button on the top right of your Hub page and click the '+Add' button next to the Contracts/Matters View widgets:

Add the link that is most useful for you to see at a glance on your Hub's landing page - for example, to Intake requests and records from any of your grid views, and click 'Continue.'

You can add as many Matter/Contracts widgets as you like using this process.

Click on the three dots and select 'Edit widget' to replace it with a different view or to remove it:

If the grid view you linked to the widget is deleted or unavailable, you'll get a 'No data available' message.

You also have the option to pin the Intake or any of your saved views on the Hub's page directly from the Matters/Contracts grid. Click on the three dots next to the item you wish to pin and select 'Add to Hub.'

To do's

Create your personal 'To Do' list via the 'Plus menu.' Sort them by date or simply drag and drop them in the order you want to see them. As an optional extra, set up alerts on these items if you’d like to receive in-app notifications and emails when they are due.


Use the planner (calendar) to keep an eye on matters & tasks that are due soon, expiring contracts, and personal reminders.

To read more about the planner, you can go to this article.

You can sync your LawVu planner with your Outlook calendar (or another calendar that supports an iCal feed). See this article on how to sync the calendar.


This offers you central visibility of your recently viewed files with the possibility to view them in preview. The 'Open files' button is an entry point to the Hub/Files component.

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