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The InsideVu - March 2023
The InsideVu - March 2023
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Hi there 👋,

Welcome to the March edition of The InsideVu! Whether the leaves are turning or spring has sprung for you, change is in the air… and here’s your chance to learn what’s new from LawVu this season.

Product launch webinar 🥳

New feature enhancements 🙌

Early access and ways to get involved

PS: If you want a digest of previous versions of The InsideVu, they are available here in the Help Center. If you have any questions, we’re available in the chat 24/7.

Kind regards,
The LawVu Team

Ready to level up your legal superpowers?

The LawVu legal workspace is evolving and we want to show you how you can use new features to work faster, engage your business users more easily, and power up your productivity. Join us to learn what’s new, what’s coming, and how to get involved!

InView conference is back!

Join us in London or online on May 17th for the highly-anticipated return of the InView Conference — an entire day dedicated to sharing practical insights and inspiration to help you take your career to new heights.

From interactive group sessions to thought-provoking panels with the industry's best and brightest, you'll be challenged to think differently about your career and how to achieve your goals in uncertain times.

Here are just a few of the sessions you can look forward to:

  • The power of micro-transitions for a successful and satisfying legal career with Helen Doukas

  • Enabling efficiency: The devil is in the details with Andrew Hay, Phillipa Livingston, and Anne Wong

  • Looking beyond AI: Rest engineering, synthetic media, and ethics for tomorrow with Dr. Jonnie Penn

LawVu customers to attend for FREE. Register now using the promo code CUSTOMERLOVE100. We can't wait to see you at the InView Conference!

UX enhancements just for you

You've loved the latest contract enhancements and next-generation workspace hub and we've used your direct feedback to make even more improvements to make LawVu work better for you.

Resize your panel for a better view

We made improvements to your contract management experience last month and you gave us great feedback! The contract details panel can now be resized to your preferred width so it’s easier to view and update contract metadata.

New hub widgets! (coming soon)

Based on popular feedback, we're adding two new widgets to your hub - matters view & contracts view - allowing you to add one or more of your favourite grid views for quick access from the hub. We'll let you know when they are live.

Make your work visible in less time

LawVu Teams are a great way to quickly make sure that the right people get access to contracts and matters, with auto and manual assignment options available. When you need to give multiple groups of people (teams) access at once, use the Team Inheritance option. This creates a relationship where one team always gets access and has visibility into another team's work.

For example, you want your head office to be able to see the things a satellite office is working on. No problem -- use Team Inheritance! Go to the Access Control section via Settings and select "Other Teams" from the dropdown. The selected teams will then also be granted access to matters and contracts that are assigned to this team - so they can maintain visibility without being assigned every time.

Nelson City Council wanted to a smarter way to manage work, keep records of received requests and report on the work the team and external lawyers were working on. With LawVu, they have streamlined their workflows, increased team efficiency and collaboration with the wider business, and can engage more effectively with external counsel.

🚀 One system manages all work and provides continuity of workflow

🤝 Fully connected internal external matter management

👀 Holistic view of the entire workload for team management and reporting

Key features to achieve this include vendor engagement capability, the Business Portal, intake management, and reporting.

Contact us to get information on these features or to get advice from your customer success manager.

Join our early access programs!

The early access programs provide our customers access to features before they are released and a great opportunity to give feedback.

AI-powered contract data extraction

Having complete and accurate data in your system is key to managing contracts more efficiently and reducing business risk, but managing an ever-growing number of contracts can be a daunting task. LawVu leverages the power of AI to automatically extracts and highlight key data from executed contracts. This frees up legal time from having to read pages of contracts to capture critical contract data. No more missed deadlines and more time back for high-value work!

Join our product launch webinar to see this functionality in action.

Salesforce integration enhancements

Business users have always been able to create contracts, get visibility on contract statuses, and easily download a copy of the contract document once it is executed without leaving Salesforce. Now you and your Salesforce users can work more efficiently together with these updates:

  • Create one or more matters from an opportunity in Salesforce, to engage legal throughout the sales process

  • When key contract data stored in Salesforce is updated those updates flow through to LawVu

  • Upload a new version of a contract from Salesforce directly into LawVu

Click here to learn more about the features in early access and get in touch with your Customer Success Manager if you are interested to join a program!

Want to share your love for LawVu?

Do you know another in-house legal team who would also benefit from using LawVu?

Join our brand new LawVu Referral Program and you’ll receive a $5,000 credit to use towards next year’s LawVu subscription for every company you successfully refer. Even better, they’ll also receive $5,000 to use towards their LawVu subscription too.

New to LawVu? Have colleagues that are? We host monthly live demonstrations to walk you through the LawVu legal workspace and show you how our customers use Lawvu to manage their workload and create efficiencies that benefit the entire business.

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