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The InsideVu - February 2023
The InsideVu - February 2023
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Hi there 👋,

Welcome to the February edition of The InsideVu! February was a short month but a lot has happened. We love helping you work faster and sharing your success stories so read on for a quick review of what’s new!


Contract UI enhancements

New customer stories

Early access and ways to connect

PS: If you want a digest of previous versions of The InsideVu, they are available here in the Help Center. If you have any questions, we’re available in the chat 24/7.

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The LawVu Team

1. Unified view of your contract

Didn’t love switching between tabs to keep your contract data up to date? Now your contract file is in the same tab as the details so you see them both together. The new overview tab makes it easier than ever to update and/or verify contract data in LawVu.

Watch the video below to learn what’s new.

2. Contract file preview on upload

To manage your contracts more effectively, inputting accurate data to LawVu is critical. You now have a preview of the uploaded contract file alongside the contract creation form during the upload process so you can enter accurate key contract data more efficiently.

3. Handy URL for contract creation

Our customers love using URLs to quickly take users to specific forms to create matters. Now you can do the same for your contracts. This is especially useful if you want to share direct links to specific contract forms. Bonus tip! Add a contract URL to a button in your knowledge base articles to take users straight to the relevant contract form so they don't have to search for it.

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We're teaming up with EY Law to bring you the first-ever look at The 2023 In-house Legal Technology Report. This new report surveyed in-house legal professionals to better understand the state of legal tech and its impact on workflow efficiencies and business objectives.

Join us on March 9, 2023, 11am PST / 7pm GMT to see how you compare to the latest industry findings, ask questions, dive deeper into report trends, and receive your very own copy of the report following the live discussion.

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Come and meet us!

Events are in full swing this year and we’re so excited to take part and have the opportunity to meet our customers. If you’re attending any of these industry events in March and April, come and say hi to us!

  • 20-22 March 2023 - General Counsel and Compliance Strategy Forum (UK)

  • 28 March 2023 - Legal Counsel Summit (Sydney, Australia)

  • 20-21 April 2023 - World Legal Operations Summit (Berlin, Germany)

Here are the latest stories from our customers. They're using features like advanced search, contract automation wizards, and the Business Portal to achieve more with LawVu and drive better business outcomes.

Vocus consolidated the team’s workflow, matter, and contract storage into one single platform to improve efficiency and turnaround times. Since LawVu's implementation, Vocus:

🤖 Reduced work allocation time by 3 hrs, thanks to automated allocation;

🚀 Improved contract turnaround/completion time by 12%;

📬 Reduced email traffic by 25%, resulting in 12.6 hrs saved in one month alone.

Key features to achieve this include automated assignments, wizards, and the Business Portal.

4DMedical wanted legal to be more organized so they can scale more efficiently with a solution that lets them effectively manage work, support the wider business and increases legal value. Thanks to LawVu, they achieve greater efficiencies by having:

🤝 Matters and Contracts in one system, saving time across the organization;

🔔 Data reminders and contract expiry automated;

🤯 NDAs that take two minutes to prepare with Contracts Wizards;

⚙️ Configurability and modules that allow the platform to scale with company growth;

📊 Ability to pull reports in seconds to present to the executive team.

Key features to achieve this include wizards, advanced search, the Business Portal.

If you want to leverage these features to get greater efficiencies, please get in touch and we'll work with you to get the most value of these features.

Join our early access programs!

The early access programs provide our customers access to features before they are released and a great opportunity to give feedback. Throughout the program, you’ll have access to dedicated customer success and product management support with helpful documentation and resources. We have the following early access programs available:

Conditional intake forms

LawVu conditional intake forms enable legal teams to provide a better experience for the business when placing legal requests. Conditional intake forms allow legal teams to set up forms that show relevant fields based on users' responses to improve accuracy, remove complexity and provide a better-structured intake process.

Salesforce integration enhancements (coming soon)

Business users have always been able to create contracts straight from Salesforce, get visibility on contract statuses, and easily download a copy of the contract document once it is executed. Now you and your Salesforce users can continue to be on the same page and work more efficiently together by allowing them to:

  • Create one or more matters from an Opportunity in Salesforce, making it easier and more efficient to engage legal throughout the sales process

  • Update key contract data stored in Salesforce and get the changes captured in LawVu

  • Upload a new version of a contract from Salesforce

Click here to learn more about the features in early access and get in touch with your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in being a part of any of the programs.

New to LawVu? Have colleagues that are? We host monthly live demonstrations to walk you through the LawVu legal workspace and show you how our customers use Lawvu to manage their workload and create efficiencies that benefit the entire business.

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this edition of The InsideVu.

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