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The InsideVu - June 2023
The InsideVu - June 2023
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Hi there 👋,

Welcome to the June edition of The InsideVu! We’re already halfway through 2023 but we are not nearly done shipping great new features. In this edition, you’ll learn about:

Enhanced integrations! 🥳

New feature enhancements 🙌

Upcoming events! 📺

PS: If you want a digest of previous versions of The InsideVu, they are available here in the Help Center. If you have any questions, we’re available in the chat 24/7.

Kind regards,

The LawVu team.

Introducing the enhanced LawVu for Salesforce integration

Integrating with tools that your business uses provides better ways for business users to engage with legal so you can provide a better service. It also gives you the information you need to maintain your system of record without duplicating data entry or making extra effort.

The latest updates to the LawVu for Salesforce integration allow people working in Salesforce to better engage with legal throughout the sales process. Now in addition to creating and accessing contracts without leaving Salesforce, they can:

  • create one or more matters from an opportunity in Salesforce

  • quickly see the status of matters and contracts; and

  • automatically detect changes and choose what changes they want to sync between Salesforce and LawVu with a click of a button.

The latest update also allows you to choose what LawVu fields you want your Salesforce users to see, providing greater visibility and alignment between teams.

See the enhanced LawVu for Salesforce integration in action:

We’ve put together this collection of help articles to help you learn more about the new functionality. Get in touch with your Customer Success Manager for next steps to get LawVu for Salesforce up and running.

Dropbox Sign for LawVu

Use the Dropbox Sign for LawVu integration for a seamless workflow: prepare, send contracts for signature, track their progress, send reminders, and receive signed agreements, all without leaving the LawVu application.

Great Global Search enhancements 🔍

We know how important it is to find the information you’re looking for in less time so you can move faster. Here are 4 great Global Search enhancements for an easier way to view records and navigate your pages.

Quickly view matter state and contract stages, as well as their respective owners

Improved sorting and filtering

  • Sort results by relevance, newest or oldest

  • Filter search results based on type and tags

Open results in a new tab or copy direct link for easy sharing

New icons to help you quickly identify file types such as matters, contracts, conversations, and more

Quickly link to and share related records

One of the features that our customers love is the ability to connect matters and contracts for greater context and understanding. Now your business users can benefit from the same visibility so they can provide better context when requesting legal help.

When viewing a matter or contract in the Business Portal, your business users are able to:

1. Share direct links to a matter or contract record

Users can simply click the new link icon next located underneath the record title to copy the relevant record URL and use it to quickly share matters and contracts in conversations.

2. View and navigate to related records, faster

Users with preview only access can now view relevant records that are related to the work they are involved in, providing better context and a quicker way to navigate to related records.

Find and file new versions of documents faster

Use the enhanced file selector to find and file a document that is already stored in LawVu to any matter or contract record. For example, you can now use the file selector to file the latest version of a document stored in a parent matter or add a template from your knowledgebase documents, making it easy to keep files and documents up to date without having to re-upload them.

Manage matter and contract creation permissions for contributors

Administrators can now control what users with contributors permissions can see and do in your legal workspace, creating better alignment with your team's internal processes when creating matters and contracts. To control the types of content contributors can create, simply go to the Business Portal settings to configure the ‘+ New’ button.

In-house legal professionals, it’s your time to shine! We invite you to join us for the return of our annual InView Conference, coming to Sydney on September 7, 2023. Early bird tickets are now available for a limited time.

Whether you attend in-person or virtually, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with our community of over 9,000 members, grow your network, and level up your career. Our lineup of future thinking legal leaders will cover topics such as:

  • Designing the future with AI;

  • Efficiency tips: the marketing matrix;

  • Mindset matters: putting yourself first;

  • The value you can add as a leader beyond legal skills;

  • And many more.

Early bird tickets will only last until July 18, so snag yours now for a discounted rate! We also have a limited number of team-pricing tickets for groups of four or more, which includes 50% off your total ticket price. Please email if you’re interested in learning more as these are not publicly available.

Come learn from the best, meet the best, and be your best at the InView Conference! We can’t wait to see you.

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Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this edition of The InsideVu.

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