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The InsideVu - July 2022
The InsideVu - July 2022
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Hi there,

In the previous edition of The InsideVu, we looked back at the new features, enhancements, and exciting integrations we released in 2022.

In this edition, you'll find ways to grow your knowledge by connecting with the community and learning more about how to get the most out of LawVu, in person or online.

This month is all about learning 🎓
What's on this month?

5 ways to manage contracts more efficiently

Connect with the community in person or online at InView Conference

Exclusive product previews and workshops for LawVu customers

Attend the InView Conference on August 25th, 2022, in person or online, to learn, connect and share. A bonus for LawVu customers: access to exclusive product sessions to help you get the most out of LawVu.

1. InView Conference: Connect with your community and get CPD credits

Connect with your community at our inaugural InView Conference, coming near you in-person in Sydney or virtually. Register by clicking the button below if you haven’t already. Bonus! We can also offer CPD points to counsel in Australia and New Zealand.

Don't feel left out if you are in the UK, Europe, East Coast USA. More conferences are coming to a time zone near you..stay tuned for further announcements.

2. InView Conference: Product Previews and Workshops

As a customer, you will have access to exclusive product previews and in-depth product workshops available for LawVu customers only. We'll unveil exciting changes coming to LawVu so you can be ready for the changes that are coming. You will also learn ways to use LawVu better from the experts so you can be more productive and efficient.

Click here to view the agenda.

P.S. Don't forget to select the LawVu Customer ticket when you register and use discount code 'CUSTOMERLOVE'.

If you are using LawVu to manage matters and contracts, you're already creating valuable context and saving precious time. Here are four feature tips to help you get your contracts work done even faster.

If you’re new to LawVu Contracts or haven't seen how it works, join us on Wednesday, 7th Sept 2022 for a quick product walkthrough and learn from one of our product experts about:

  • How matters and contracts work together in LawVu

  • Key features and recent & upcoming enhancements to LawVu Contracts

  • Leveraging integrations for matters & contracts

9am AEST / 11am NZT

12pm PT / 3pm ET / 8pm UK

The easier it is to capture critical data and get information into your source of truth, the more efficient and faster you can be with your contracts work.

Here are 5 features that you can leverage to speed up cycle times and get more time back ⏰

1. Automatically assign members and/or teams 👥

Save time by automatically assigning members and teams based on contract type immediately after creation. This ensures that the work is properly assigned and the right people can collaborate with less effort.

Note: To set this up, you will need Admin access. If you don’t have admin privileges, get in touch with your admin to enable this functionality.

2. Using conversation to collaborate better 💭

Using the conversation feature to collaborate on matters? You can do the same with your contracts, centralizing your discussion so you can have everything in one place with less effort. You can share links, files, images, mention people to bring them to the conversation or even discuss things in private. You can also collaborate using conversations with people who are not using LawVu.

Watch the video to get an overview of the functionality or click the button below to learn more.

3. Populate Word template with information from LawVu using Word add-in 📄

Microsoft Word remains our customers’ favorite document editor of choice. The Word add-in allows you to quickly and easily edit files that are stored in LawVu both inside the application or straight from Word. Did you know that we added the ability to populate a Word template with information from LawVu? This template contains merge fields that correspond to the values stored in the LawVu matter/contract fields.

To start populating your template, choose the Populate template option from the add-in taskbar and choose which contract information you want to populate the information from (it works for matters too!)

4. Quickly add or create new contracts straight from Outlook

A lot of you spend a lot of time in Outlook, and now it's even faster and easier to add or create new contracts and get the files you need from your inbox into LawVu. You can:

  • Add or create new contracts straight from Outlook (it works for matters, too)

  • Save emails into the files tab of a contract

  • Save an email attachment as a new version of the contract file for better version control

  • Have more options and flexibility when selecting ‘Save in LawVu’. You can now continue to save email replies and forwards automatically, save the email and/or save email attachments as files.

5. Save time and get better visibility with Salesforce integration

If your organization is using Salesforce, the legal team and the wider business can benefit from LawVu Contracts for Salesforce integration to save time, get better visibility and reduces risk by ensuring the correct client information and the right contracts are used.

This integration allows your business users to easily create contracts straight from Salesforce by auto populating information from Salesforce during contract creation. Once contract is created, it becomes part of the legal team's system of record so you and your team can control your contracts work.

Watch the video, read the help articles, and contact us via the chat to get Salesforce + LawVu up and running!

We hope the tips are useful and thank you for reading The InsideVu.

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