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The InsideVu - March 2022
The InsideVu - March 2022
Written by Ashley Bass
Updated over a week ago
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Hi there,

Whether spring has sprung or fall is in the air, March is a reminder that time flies when you’re having fun. And we’ve been having lots of fun building new features and helping our customers become more powerful, high-performing teams with LawVu.

Be well,
The LawVu Team

PS: In the February edition of The InsideVu we highlighted more than 20 new features from 2021. If you missed it, or you want to find these digests again, they’re all available here in the Help Center.

Integrations are essential for a legal workspace. Brand new out-of-the-box connections and updates to your old favorites give you even more ways to connect to the tech you and your colleagues are using every day – so you can streamline workflows, save time, and amplify the value of LawVu for your entire organization.

Create contracts in LawVu directly from Salesforce:Now both business users and legal teams can enjoy the benefits of LawVu routine contract automation without having to leave the places they love to work or doing duplicate data entry. Salesforce users can create a contract in LawVu right from Salesforce, using information from the opportunity to auto-populate the contract at the time of creation. As the contract moves through its lifecycle, key information and updates are automatically displayed in Salesforce, so there’s more visibility and less manual effort.

Watch the video, read the help articles, and contact us via the chat to get Salesforce + LawVu up and running!

LawVu + Salesforce Integration

Chat-based communication platforms are becoming the norm for business communication and collaboration, with tens of millions of daily active users. If you’re a busy legal team (and we know you are!), you can use these tools to increase efficiency, improve service delivery, and gain oversight and control of your work. Otherwise they can become one more channel of unstructured legal requests and another challenge that adds to your workload.

That’s why we built the LawVu Slack integration: to make it easy for you and the people you work with to get structured matters and requests into LawVu without leaving the tools you’re working in.

Send Contracts and Files to Adobe Sign without leaving LawVu.

In a remote, distributed, and global environment, technology and e-signature products are more valuable than ever. If you use Adobe Sign, now you can send contracts for signing from the matters or contracts files tabs, send a contract document, see the status and progress, and automatically save the final signed copy – all without leaving LawVu. This saves time and ensures all the critical information you need stays within your system of record.

Enhancements to the Microsoft Word Add-in

Two big updates to an old favorite are here to help amp up your efficiency:

  1. The Microsoft Word add-in now works with LawVu Contracts! You can save a document to a contract in LawVu directly from the add-in, rather than take an extra step to upload it. You can also find and open a contract from LawVu right from the Word add-in and work on it. No extra steps are required to keep your contract documents in sync.

  2. You can use Microsoft Word templates with the add-in: just open your template, populate it with values from a matter or contract in LawVu, and save the document directly in LawVu. This is a huge win for teams that use Word templates to standardize work and save time.

Updates to the LawVu Box Integration

You need integrations with leading file management platforms to be flawless! So we’ve made a few updates to ensure continuity between LawVu and Box. This includes replicating the file and folder structures you’ve created in either platform at set-up and improving the way individual files are updated when you rename or delete them on either system.

More exciting enhancements and integrations are coming soon. Listen to our co-founders, Sam and Tim, talk about what we’re working on to make LawVu even more powerful for your business.

Intake podcast

If you’re not aware of all of LawVu’s integrations you can learn more in the Help Center.

Now you can tick the box on getting more done, faster.

Bulk actions and editing give you a faster, more efficient way to take certain actions in LawVu. We know your time is valuable, so we’ve added even more to the collection!

  • Bulk export multiple Matters, Contracts, Files, Conversations, and Knowledge files from a search. Just perform your keyword search in the global search bar, then select the information you want using the check box, and export as a zip file. Want it all? “Select all” with one simple click.

  • Delete, download or send multiple matters or contracts at one time right from the grid.

  • Sneak Peak


    Another exciting feature is coming soon to the bulk collection: you’ll be able to reassign and remove owners and members of Matters and Contracts, in bulk, directly from the grid. This is a huge time saver and a popular customer request. We’ll notify you when it goes live. Here’s how it works so you can get ready!

Bulk Reassignment from the grid

And last but not least: If you’re using the Engage eBilling capabilities you can make a PO number field available and required to capture it before an invoice is approved and sent to accounts payable. Your Org Admin has the power to make it so!

As always, get in touch if you need our help with these or other LawVu features.

Thanks for reading The InsideVu!

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