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The InsideVu - September 2022
The InsideVu - September 2022
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Hi there 👋,

In this edition of The InsideVu, you'll learn about the latest LawVu updates designed to make you more efficient, so you get time back for more important things. Whether that's more strategic work or more me time, we're helping to help you do you. Enjoy!


Business Portal and Contract Self Service is live!

Exciting new feature enhancements ✨

Import legacy contracts to LawVu 4x faster 🚀

PS: If you want a digest of previous versions of The InsideVu, they are available here in the Help Center. If you have any questions, we’re always available in the chat 24/7.

Kind regards,

The LawVu team.

The new Business Portal and Contract Self Service is live!

Now you have an even better space for legal and the business to connect for streamlined intake, collaboration, and self service.

If you missed our recent webinar covering key features of the new Business Portal and the upcoming changes, click here to watch the recording. We covered:

  • How the new Business Portal launch affects you

  • The Next Generation Workspace, another exciting experience upgrade shipping later this year

There will be changes to your user experience, but every organization is set up differently so we’ve put together a resource upgrade pack to help you upgrade with ease. In the pack, you’ll find help articles, and how-to videos, along with recommendations on how to roll out the Business Portal to your organization.

We've had great success migrating some of our customers to the new Business Portal and would encourage our customers to opt-in to the new experience if you haven't already. Simply opt-in when you're ready via chat or get in touch with your Customer Success Manager.

Watch how Buckle Insurance streamlined intake and automate NDAs with the new Business Portal in the video below.

Permissions settings are simpler

For LawVu Org Admins: You know your users require the right level of permissions so they can have access to their work and collaborate more effectively. But did you know we have improved and simplified your experience to make it happen?

The new update provides clearer explanations of what each permission does, and groups them into logical sections.

This update hasn't changed functionality for current users, but it’s worth a review of the updates and permissions changes if you’re planning to add new users or update permissions for existing ones.

For more detail on LawVu's permissions, refer to this Help article.

It's easier to upload, access, and locate your files with the new File Selector

Files and documents are at the core of every legal team’s work. With the new and improved File Selector, you have faster access to the files you need when you need them.

Why it’s awesome:

  • You have an easier way to locate and select files from your local storage, existing matters, and contracts.

  • You’ve always been able to search and attach files from Matters, Contracts, and Conversations using the File Selector but now you can also select files that are stored in your Knowledge Base

  • There's a convenient “Recent” section allowing you to search and select from files that you’ve recently worked on.

Watch the quick video below for a full run-through of the new File Selector!

To learn more about how to manage files and folders in LawVu, read this help article.

Use AI Contract Import & Review to get legacy contracts into LawVu up to 4x faster 🚀

Legacy filing systems often become a black box for contracts. Valuable information is trapped inside your contracts, but it is inaccessible until those contracts are digitized and stored in a central location. Manually scrolling through long documents to find relevant dates, names and values, and retyping text is a burdensome and resource-intensive task that significantly impacts your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Here are three ways using AI to import legacy contracts into LawVu can help you unlock valuable contract data faster, manage your contracts more efficiently and make better business decisions.

1. Manage renewals, notices and pricing more efficiently from within LawVu.

Leveraging machine learning to extract key values and clauses such as the contract name, counterparty, key dates and the term, renewal, and termination clauses from each contract automatically into LawVu creates a valuable foundation that can power an efficient CLM.

2. Easily generate reports to help the business make better decisions.

The first step to becoming a data-driven business is to create a single source of truth that your team can leverage to generate reports and share data across the organization. Without AI, the cost of extracting data from a large set of contracts would be prohibitive. Extracting and reporting on key legal clauses such as liability limits, assignment or termination rights and price increase rights can help teams control risk and spot opportunities.

3. Draft contracts more quickly with a searchable library of digitized contracts.

Using AI to import legacy contracts into LawVu makes it easy to extract and store data from each contract and makes it easier for your team to find and reuse language.

Contact us via chat to explore AI Contract Import & Review!

The Next Generation Workspace - Coming Soon

The Next Generation Workspace provides a beautiful new user experience that gives you faster access to your critical information, refined navigation and better search, and feature enhancements to make you more productive and efficient.

Watch the video for a quick overview of what’s coming:

The Next Generation Workspace is coming near you in late October and we’ll notify you via email and in-app when it is going to go live.

The InView Conference is coming to London

Be part of the conversation with the world's foremost legal leaders as we learn and debate the in-house legal profession. Our agenda is thoughtfully curated with inspirational speakers, practical insights, and fun provocation with sessions on:

🥣 Taking a Goldilocks approach to legal operations

🙌 Building happy teams, retaining good talent and career progression

💡 What to do in-house when the world goes mad

🧐 Why do lawyers struggle with change?

🎯 ...and so much more

Join us in London or dial in online on October 19 for a conference unlike any you've attended before. Use code COMMUNITY100 for a free ticket.

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this edition of The InsideVu.

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