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The InsideVu - January 2023
The InsideVu - January 2023
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Hi there 👋,

Welcome to the first edition of The InsideVu in 2023 🥂 We’re excited to help you kick off the new year with ways to get more value from LawVu legal workspace and get involved in making LawVu work even better for you.


CEO Year in review and year ahead

4 ways to get more value from LawVu

3 ways to get involved

PS: If you want a digest of previous versions of The InsideVu, they are available here in the Help Center. If you have any questions, we’re available in the chat 24/7.

Kind regards,
The LawVu Team

In case you missed it, hear LawVu CEO and co-founder, Sam Kidd's 2022 wrap up and insights into 2023.

What’s your new year's resolution? Ours is to make you even more efficient and productive so you can get time back and serve the business better. Here are 4 features we updated in 2022 that will help you improve business engagement, streamline the way you work, and deliver better business outcomes. Cheers! 🥂

1. Benefit from your business portal

Leverage the business portal to increase engagement with the business by empowering them to find relevant resources, self-serve contracts, collaborate, raise structured requests, and track their requests without having to disrupt legal.

Setting up your business portal is easy. Learn how to set up your business portal here

2. Quick wins with collaboration tools

Integration with chat tools such as Slack and Teams enables legal teams to meet business users where they are without disrupting workflow. It is also an easy way for legal teams to create and maintain a source of truth without having to jump between different systems to capture key information.

Setting up an integration with Slack or Microsoft teams is easy.

Expert tip: The Conversation feature inside the LawVu application is a nifty tool to easily collaborate with your colleagues or business users so you can keep track of conversations in one place. Just like your favorite chat app, you can create a number of private and public conversations with one or more members, share files, get notified and even collaborate with external collaborators without having to ever leave LawVu.

3. Automated contract wizards

NDAs, master service level agreements, employee contracts, and more, can be auto generated using wizards, saving you heaps of time and improving turnaround times.

To learn more about adding new contracts using wizards, click here.

4. Compare documents in seconds

Reading through pages of contracts and comparing documents during negotiation takes away valuable time from the legal team and the risk of missing important changes in the document. Litera Compare is a document comparison tool inside LawVu that does that heavy lifting for you by highlighting changes between two documents instantly and accurately. No more scrolling!

Need help adding or enabling one of these features? Reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

1. Join our InView community

Customers are at the heart of LawVu and we are always looking for ways to improve the way we work and provide value to our customers. There are many ways to get involved from connecting with legal professionals, be part of Early Access programs, to upskilling opportunities.

Join our community today if you haven’t already!

2. Join our early access programs

Get access to features before they are generally available and tell us what you think! Click here to learn what's in early access and get in touch with your Customer Success Manager if you are interested in being part in any of the programs.

3. Get certified

Someone said that learning is a lifelong process and there’s always a reason to upskill. The new Connected Legal Certification is the first certification to provide best practice for in-house legal professionals. It is completely free!

The Certification provides the insights, tools, and behaviors necessary to become a more Connected Legal Function – a legal team that optimizes productivity, engages meaningfully with the business, acts proactively, and maximizes its impact on the business.

Start the new year with new learning!

New to LawVu? Have colleagues that are? We host monthly live demonstrations to walk you through the LawVu legal workspace and show you how our customers use Lawvu to manage their workload and create efficiencies that benefit the entire business.

Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this edition of The InsideVu.

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