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Track document changes in LawVu using Workshare (Litera) Compare
Track document changes in LawVu using Workshare (Litera) Compare

Track and compare changes in documents or contracts

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What is Workshare (Litera) Compare?

Workshare (Litera) Compare is a document comparison tool designed to make the process of editing and revising documents as fast and efficient as possible.

It enables you to compare documents – the original document and the modified document – to produce a comparison (Redline) document, allowing you to see any differences between them instantly.

You can compare a document against an earlier or later version of the same document or compare it to a different document. File types that are supported:

  • Word-to-Word

  • PDF-to-PDF

  • Word-to-PDF files

Note: To be able to use Litera Compare, you will need to be assigned the role of Administrator, In-house Legal, or Contributor in LawVu and have the Workshare (Litera) Compare permission enabled.

How to access it in LawVu

There are multiple ways to access Workshare (Litera) Compare:

  1. From the Files tab of a matter/contract, select two documents you want to compare, then click the Compare icon that becomes visible after the selection.

2. Within the File preview, you can compare different versions of the document by clicking on Actions and selecting Compare Versions from the dropdown.

3. Once you upload a new version of a Contract, you will be able to access Workshare (Litera) Compare from the toolbar menu found on the Contract file:

You will then be prompted to select the two contracts you want to compare:

Note: You could facilitate the order of the documents you need to compare by the order of clicking. The first document you click on will be considered the original, while the second document will be treated as the modified version. However, if needed, you can always swap the source document by clicking the swap button. This provides flexibility in adjusting the comparison as per your requirements.

Watch the animation below for a better understanding:

Working with redline documents

  • Navigating Changes: After comparing, you can review the Redline document (the result of the comparison) to consider the changes between the original and modified documents. You can move between changes in the Redline document by jumping from change to change.

  • Accept Changes: After reviewing, you can select which changes you want to keep in terms of content and punctuation.

  • Swapping Source Documents: You can re-run a comparison by swapping the original document for the modified document.

    For example, if you selected Document A as the original document and Document B as the modified document, WorkShare (Litera) compares Document A to Document B and presents the changes made to Document A.
    You can then swap the documents so that Document B is now the original document. Workshare (Litera) Compare will automatically re-run the comparison, comparing Document B to Document A, and present the changes made to Document B.

  • Saving Redline Documents: You can save the redline document as a "Track changes" Word document or as a DOCX or PDF file.

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