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The InsideVu - June 2022
The InsideVu - June 2022
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Hi there 👋

We’re halfway through 2022 and excited to bring you the latest edition of The InsideVu! A lot has happened in LawVu, so here’s a summary just for you.

At LawVu, we invest in features to help you get more value from the product and enable you to work in a more connected way with the wider business. Read the 2022 half-year recap to learn more.

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The LawVu Team

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Town of Cary's Top Features 🌟

Before LawVu The Town of Cary in North Carolina relied on tools like Outlook and OneNote to manage matters – according to them the “biggest issue was organization". Listen to Matt Pentz talk about how LawVu has changed the way the Town of Cary is working and some of their favorite features.

Here are the Town of Cary's top features that they’re making the most of to be more efficient and become a more “consistent and unified legal department.”

  • Full Text Search: The full text search function means the team can search for absolutely everything they need across a wide range of projects. They no longer have to postpone tasks because a team member is away on holiday. Learn how to make the most of search, including the latest updates, here

  • Conversations: The team is using the conversations feature in LawVu to collaborate better as a team and easily create a shared repository of documents and information. Learn all about Conversation's powerful features here

Advanced Search link from Global Search bar

If you need to run a search in a particular search category or need to navigate to Advanced Search quickly, now you can go straight there without running an initial search by clicking the Advanced Search option from the Global search bar.

In the last edition of The InsideVu, we asked you to tell us about your favorite feature. And the winner is…Status Updates!

Matter status updates are a great way to keep people in the loop right from your workspace, so you don’t have to take extra steps to contact people via email or other means. That means fewer steps and distractions for you, more visibility for the people who need it, and an audit trail of information in LawVu.

You may be aware that you can send status updates using the simple button on the matter; when you do this status updates are sent and received by the matter manager (and their delegates) and the matter owner (and their delegates) either via email, inside the app, or both. Simply click the button, add a status update, and it'll be saved in LawVu and the matter manager and owner will be notified (if they have notifications enabled).

There are several ways to provide or request a status update; if you haven't tried it yet you can read all about it here.

But did you know there are even more ways to use status updates to securely keep people up to date with less effort? Here are three more ways you can put status updates to work (so you can spend your time on something else).

1. Quickly provide status updates from the matter grid 📣

Do you need to quickly add a status update to a matter? You can do that straight from the matter grid without having to open the matter at all by clicking the + icon on your matter grid as shown below.

NOTE: Make sure that you have the 'Status update' column in your grid - if it's not there, you can add it by following the method shown here.

2. Reply to an existing status update request from email ✉️

You don’t always have to log in to LawVu to provide a status update. For example, if you've received an email notification of a status update request from a colleague - you can simply reply to that email and your reply will be captured as a status update on that matter too.

3. Limit status updates to specific individuals or teams 👥

Have status updates that are only relevant to the in-house team or specific individuals? You may have updates that are sensitive in nature or you just don’t want to spam your matter owner. You’re able to keep status updates within the in-house team by using Conversations to keep information secure and limit noise without losing collaboration. Here’s how:

  1. Create a new conversation and name it something like ‘Updates’ so you can easily identify what the conversation is about.

  2. Record your updates in there. All updates will be date and time-stamped, and you don’t need to invite anyone else to the conversation.

Who else can see this Conversation? If your matter owner is a standard user, they will never see the Conversation unless you actively invite them. Anyone else in your in-house team will see the Conversation — and have the benefit of the updates — if they join the matter.

We hope the tips are useful and thank you for reading The InsideVu.

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