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The InsideVu - December 2023
The InsideVu - December 2023
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Hi there 👋,

Welcome to the December edition of The InsideVu! To end the year with a bang, we’re giving you a gift: a wrap-up of some of the most impactful updates we made to LawVu in 2023.

🥂 Cheers to elevating your success and making your team more impactful! 🥂


2023 wrap up 🎁

New features this month 🎉

Pro tips: status updates 💡

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The LawVu Team

In 2023, we shipped dozens of features, giving you the necessary tools to thrive and produce better outcomes. Here are five of our favourite ways LawVu raised the bar in 2023 to make you and your team more successful:

  1. AI-powered workspace: AI-powered contract data extraction and AI-powered invoices to reduce manual work and help you move faster at work.

  2. New reporting dashboards: Easy to use, interactive dashboards to enable more data driven decisions.

  3. Workspace enhancements: Improved integrations to better save and track your work in LawVu, including a brand new email experience, coming soon, to help you view and find information from your email correspondence, fast.

  4. Spend management enhancements: Dozens of new features to help you get a better handle on legal spend and work with outside counsel.

  5. Leveling up the legal community to become better in-house lawyers: Bringing great minds to connect and share at InView conferences and new, free online courses to help legal professionals up-skill.

You can read the highlights in this article or watch our Level Up with LawVu webinar to see us demo key capabilities we released in 2023.

Gain visibility with improved contract notifications

Now, by popular demand, all Contract Members will receive Contract Approved and Contract Expiry Reminder notifications, keeping everyone well informed and making it easier to manage risk and renewals.

Ready to manage contract wizards on your own?

Using contract wizards saves time from manually drafting contracts and reduces the risk of potentially missing crucial data that needs to be included in your contracts. If you're not using contract wizards, learn how you can save time in generating new contracts here. If you are using contract wizards today and want to update or add new ones on your own, a new option is available for you!

Formstack is a document automation platform that we use to create and manage contract wizards in LawVu. Now you have the option to add, edit, and manage your contract wizards on your own using Formstack and easily make them available in LawVu.

If you want to manage contract wizards on your own, reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get advice to determine which option is best for you.

Stay on top of your tasks and events with timely calendar reminders

No more missed deadlines and overlooked tasks with improved LawVu calendar sync. We’ve recently improved the way LawVu syncs to your Outlook and Gmail calendars. Here’s what’s new:

  • By default, all key dates will appear as 15-minute entries on your calendar at 9 am and you will receive notifications from your calendar accordingly.

  • You can now set a specific time for when tasks are due. If a time isn’t specified, it will default to 9 am.

Farewell, old reports. Hello, greater visibility!

Effective December 18, 2023, we have now decommissioned the old reporting. You do not have to take any action as the new reports are automatically live.

With LawVu’s new and improved standard reports, you can easily gain visibility across all of your work, drill down deeper into the details with interactive dashboards, and download visual reports to share with the wider business.

To learn more about LawVu’s new and improved reporting, check out this overview video. And if you need to report on custom fields, build bespoke dashboards or bring LawVu data in your analytics dashboards, click here to learn more more about Insights Connect.

If you have any questions regarding the sunsetting of LawVu’s old reporting or Insights Connect, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

Finding emails and attachments are now easier than ever

When you leave your inbox behind and keep your critical information in LawVu as a single source of truth, you can find, search, and re-use it. New improvements to the way you view and work with emails and their attachments make it easier than ever to find and organize information, and provide relevant context and visibility for others in your team.

Easily provide status updates

Our customers love the ability to provide or request status updates straight from LawVu, providing greater visibility for everyone, reducing the need to go back and forth with requests in email.

Watch this video to see how you can send or request status updates quickly and easily.

To recap, here are three quick ways to provide or request status updates for your team to keep everyone informed of progress:

  • Post quick status updates straight from grid view. Especially useful if you want to quickly post updates across a number of matters. Reporting tip! Export the grid view and use the status updates to easily show progress on Matters that are most important in your reporting.

  • Post updates directly from the matter or contract record: Click the megaphone icon underneath the matter name.

  • Reply straight from email notification. If you've received an email notification regarding a status update - you can simply reply to the same email, and your reply will be captured as a status update on that matter too. How handy is that!

Get ahead of 2024 with our new, free online courses in LawVu Academy! From soft skills like change management to more practical ones like how to empower your business to self-serve, you’ll learn valuable skills that are rarely taught in law school or private practice with these courses made specifically for in-house legal.

Make your way through one of our suggested learning pathways – The Connected Legal Certification and Legal Tech Fundamentals – or pick the courses that matter most to you, the choice is yours. Whether you have five minutes or five hours, these resources are all you need to upskill and take yourself, your team, and your tech to the next level in 2024.

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Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed this edition of The InsideVu.

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