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While you are working on matters or contracts you can send or request regular 'status updates' to the relevant stakeholders.

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Status updates are a great way to quickly communicate the progress of a matter or contract. By understanding how to effectively use status updates, you can easily request or provide updates on how a matter or a contract is progressing.

Status updates are designed to be simple text messages about how a matter or contract is progressing. e.g., "I'm working on this matter this week" or "Matter is with ABC for XYZ."

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Sending a status update on a matter or contract

Status updates can be sent in a number of ways:

1. 'Add or request update' button within a matter or contract

Clicking this button will open a small window where you can type in a status update. This functions like a simplified chat window. Over time, you'll see a history of status updates here too.

2. From the matter or contract grid

From your matter or contract list, click on the 'plus' icon in the 'Status update' column. The same pop-up window will appear where you can add or request a status update.

Note: Make sure that you have the 'Status update' column in your grid - if it's not there, you can add it.

3. Replying to an existing status update from an email

If you've received an email notification of a status update - you can simply reply to the same email, and your reply will be captured as a status update on that matter too.

Requesting a status update on a matter

In the same places where you send a status update, you can request a status update.

This is available when working on a matter and also from the 'Status update' column in the matter grid. You can access 'status update' from the matter grid only if you are a member of the matter.

The Matter Manager will be alerted that a status update has been requested. Clicking the Write message button will allow the user to compose a message to share the matter's latest progress.

Note: The 'Request update' option is not available for contracts.

Who receives status update notifications?

All members of a matter or contract can send or request updates about the status of a matter or contract, but receiving status update notifications varies.

  • When a matter owner or a member requests a status update - only the mattter manager will receive the notification and will be asked to provide an update on the matter.

  • When a matter manager posted a status update, the matter owner and all members will be notified.

  • When a contract owner or member posted a status update on the contract, all members will be notified.

You can choose to turn on or turn off the notification for status updates using the toggle in your Profile notifications settings.

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