A way to visualize all of the things needing attention during a certain period.

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The planner gives you insight into essential dates across matters, contracts, tasks, and to-dos. Use it to keep an eye on matters and tasks that are due soon, expiring contracts, and personal reminders.

You can access the planner by hovering your mouse over the Hub icon or from the Hub dashboard itself.

The Hub view shows the calendar and the items displayed on each day. You can select multiple days at a time to view your planned items as a list:

The fields displayed in the Planner include the following:

  • Matters: Due date field

  • Tasks: Due date field (All matter member tasks will be shown in the planner)

  • Contracts: Expiry date field and Key Date date field
    (Note: The expiry and key dates will be removed from the planner when a contract is voided)

  • To-do’s: date

From Hub, use the 'Open planner' button to slide a full-page monthly calendar into place with more detail on each important date per day. You can click inside each item in your calendar to jump to the corresponding matter, contract, or task directly or to mark the to-do's as done.

Additionally, to display only the information that interests you, you can filter your planner by matters, contracts, tasks, or to-dos. They are grouped by color so that you can easily track them. You can set two or three filters at the same time.

Do note that you will only see the key dates to matters and contracts you are already a member of. The key dates for the matters/contracts you have visibility from the All Matters/Contracts list will not reflect on the planner until you officially join or are added as a member.

Sync your planner with another calendar

You can also sync your LawVu planner with your Outlook calendar (or another calendar that supports an iCal feed) so that tasks, due dates, and reminders show up in the place where you plan your day. See this article on how to sync your calendars.

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