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Search your history logs in LawVu
Search your history logs in LawVu

Track every move with the Activity logs - an overview of everything that happens in LaVu

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Everything that happens in LawVu gets recorded in an activity log that you can review at any time. This includes field updates, file previews, file uploads, matter/contract assignments, changing settings, and much more.

In this article:

Profile activity

Here you will see all the Activity logs for your profile.

To access it, click on your profile picture, go to My Profile, then Activity.

The activity feed will display a list of all the actions you've performed in LawVu, which you can sort from newest to oldest (or vice versa) and filter accordingly.

The option to export to Excel is also available.

Matter/Contract activity

Contains the history logs for the matter or contract you are viewing. Whether you're not sure where you moved a file to or want to know when the Matter Manager was assigned, you can find all this and more by opening the matter/contract and going to the Activity tab.

You also have the option to export them to an Excel file.

Account activity

As an Administrator, you will have access to the organization's account Activity logs by going to Settings / Account activity :

Similarly, you will see a list of logs for the whole organization. If needed, you can sort and filter it further.

Filtering, sorting, and exporting the activity logs to Excel

Users frequently need to search for specific items in the activity logs of matters, contracts, and accounts. To facilitate this, we provide filtering and sorting options that allow users to refine their search based on specific criteria and export the results to Excel.

For example, as an organization admin you can filter by User:

In matter or contract activity, whenever 'System-LawVu Support' is displayed under the User column, this means the action was performed automatically by the system (for example, by changes to the matter type fields) and not by a specific user.

The export function works in the same manner as an export from the grid and contains the relevant data in each column in Excel. To begin the export, click on the 'Export to Excel' icon on the top right of the grid and wait a few seconds for the file download to start:

Watch this short animation of how an Org Admin exports Account activity logs with a target user to Excel:


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