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How to upload a new version of a contract
How to upload a new version of a contract

Need to upload a new version of the contract file? Follow this simple guide.

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To upload a new contract version, click the Replace button on the Overview tab's right-hand side.

This prompts the modal below:

  • If you choose to upload a new (unsigned) version of the contract file and no approval phases are set, then the contract remains in its current stage. If approval workflows are set, the contract moves to 'Draft', and the Contract Owner and Approvers are notified.

  • If you upload a signed version of the contract while it's in the 'Approval' stage, it reverts to the 'Draft' stage. If you upload the signed version while the contract is in the 'Signed' stage, that pushes the contract along the contract lifecycle straight to the Executed state.

Once you upload a new version, you can view the current and previous versions by clicking the version button (shown below). The different versions are color-coded. The current version is green, and any previous versions are yellow.

If the contract is already executed, you will first need to void the existing contract. Contracts can only be voided by the Contract Owner. To learn how to make yourself the Contract Owner read this article.

To void the contract, click the ellipsis (3 dots) button on the right of the screen and select the Void Contract option.

Click the ellipsis button again and select the Unvoid to Draft option to move the contract back to the 'Draft' stage.

You can also move the contract back to 'Draft' by clicking the Stage button and selecting Open in Draft (as seen below).

You can now upload a new version of the contract file. If you upload a signed copy of the contract, it shifts immediately to the Executed state.

If you upload an unsigned version, this triggers the reapplication of any approval processes.

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