A legal matter will often derive from an existing primary matter, or will itself have to support sub-matters branching from it. In LawVu these are known as parent matters and child matters. Use the parent/child feature to distinguish a matter's relationship with others clearly.

It is worth noting that despite the link between matters, they are still entirely separate. Child matters do not automatically inherit people named on the parent matter, nor will they inherit any permissions or restrictions placed on the parent matter.

In the example below, this matter regarding a dispute has arisen in response to work being done on another matter, Dispute between SVPCET and GHRCE. We can use the plus buttons (+) to link the related matters.

Begin typing to enable search suggestions. Typing "Dis" has brought up the full matter name. Clicking on this will complete the link by denoting the Dispute between SVPCET and GHRCE matter as the parent.

Below, in the parent matter, we can see the child matter displayed in the bottom left. Note that there still exists the option to add further child matters. A matter can have many branching child matters. However, each child matter can only have a single primary parent matter.

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