Release Notes for 25 May, 2021

A list of the new content added to LawVu in release 115

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  • New field type: Person

  • Enable organisations to set roles when provisioning users and default permissions for the roles


  • Updating ‘Document Category’ & ‘Document Description’ in Knowledge Base

  • Article category duplication

  • Marking a matter as Urgent

  • Loading of DocuSign file

  • Opening of Terms and conditions for LSP users

  • Field/s added to ‘Scoping fields’ is automatically added to ‘Create form’

  • Able to create matter even mandatory field is blank

  • Search query is not being reset

  • Encountered two pop-up error when opening a matter

  • Matter creation using simple ticketing allows selection of Matter Manager

  • Able to create a task and make it unassigned

  • Unable to reassign a matter to another Intake org

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