Release Notes for 03 September, 2021

A list of the new content added to LawVu in release 138

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Engineering Items

  • Reconfigured JIT for the claim names we support to make onboarding easier

  • Removed feature switches for those features that have been switched on for all orgs


  • Fixed an org's Gdrive Issues

  • Corrected a bug which prevented selecting all time entries to create invoices

  • Stopped the "Field updated" popup happening every time a matter is opened

  • Default options in multi lookups weren't appearing in contract create form

  • Stopped users having to refresh before Task Assignments were displayed

  • Prevented matters from being created when there was a required field left blank

  • Fixed an issue where the date displayed on generated invoices was not correct

  • Resolved a bug that meant Matter-Contract inheritance was not working correctly.

  • Disabled the "Add invoice" button inside the matter if the user does not have "manage invoices" permission

  • Corrected a bug where the time entry was being displayed in the middle of the screen

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