Release Notes for 14 September, 2021

A list of the new content added to LawVu in release 141

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Product Items:

  • Completed some preparatory work on the Executive Snapshot (hidden behind a feature switch)

  • Completed some preparatory work on our new "Next Steps" contracts UI (also hidden behind a feature switch)

Engineering Items:

  • Removed Redis cache dependency for our signing integrations

  • Fixed an issue where the email preview failed when there was an invalid email address


  • Corrected an issue whereby entering a custom 'placeholder' for the other party field (either on the create form or matter/contract details) was not doing anything

  • We have now made it so that removing yourself from matter/contracts immediately redirects you to the grid view

  • The signing indicator was incorrectly displaying in the Contract Status indicator

  • The invoice recipient field was displaying blank in special fields within Contracts.

  • In some cases the Save button was not enabling even after filling in the required fields

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