Release notes for 17 March, 2022

A list of the new content added to LawVu in release 193

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Bug fixes

  • When adding new members to a team in LawVu, those members weren't being retroactively added to the team's existing matters. This felt like joining the Star Wars Appreciation Team and finding out you only had access to "The Return of the Jedi." Why is Han Solo encased in carbonite? Why does Luke only have one hand? Who the heck is Yoda? Having that wider context is crucial, not just in sci-fi, but in legal operations too. New team members now also gain visibility over their team's existing matters.

  • Already read notifications were persisting. When is a notification not useful? When it won't go away. You would be slightly taken aback if your mailman handed you a letter, then strode into your home announcing he was here to stay. The green dot notifying you of an unread conversation in LawVu was having a hard time letting go. We fixed this so that once its job is done, it now disappears.

  • Ampersands in Knowledge Articles were being rendered as "&amp". Useful if you were writing a college essay and were desperate to increase your word count, not so useful in LawVu. Ampersands are now displaying correctly.

  • Contracts erroneously returning to draft. When uploading a signed version of a contract and pushing straight to "Executed", users reported intermittently receiving an error message before the contract was pushed back to "Draft". This perfectly replicated the crushing disappointment of a childhood game of Snakes & Ladders, where, with the end in sight, a malignant python would deposit you right back to the bottom of the board. There was nothing about that experience that made you hope it would one day be recreated in your legal workspace, so we've now fixed this.

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