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Where can I find LawVu's release notes?
Where can I find LawVu's release notes?

Navigating LawVu's release notes for the latest updates

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Release notes are a valuable resource that keep you informed about the latest changes, improvements, and features in the LawVu platform.

These notes provide users like you with a comprehensive overview of what's new, what's been improved, and any bug fixes that have been addressed.

You can easily access LawVu's release notes by following this link: Stay updated: the latest release notes at your fingertips

You'll find a chronological list of all the recent updates and changes to the LawVu platform. Browse through the list and select the specific release you want to explore.

Each set of notes will provide comprehensive information about the changes introduced in that particular release.

Other useful resources to stay informed

If you're interested in staying up-to-date with the latest features that have been released in recent months for LawVu customers, be sure to explore our newsletter collection, The InsideVu
For those curious about our team's ongoing efforts and upcoming releases in the coming weeks and months, make sure to reference our collection: Coming Soon!

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