Release notes for 24 March, 2022

A list of the new items added to LawVu in release 195

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Product items

  • We released the bulk reassignment from the grid feature for our early access users.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where uploading files with long names gave an error. Remember when you were five years old and thought that "Yes means no, and no means yes" was the height of sophisticated humor? LawVu had taken this approach with overly long file names, confirming they had been successfully uploaded when, in fact, they were not. Unfortunately, this proved to be about as funny as you were at age five, so we have now corrected this.

  • The global search wasn't displaying correct results for an exact match. This was a temporary error where keyword searches still worked perfectly, yet exact matches did not. Apparently, our search engine decided it only enjoyed a challenge and was refusing to play ball on those searches that were an absolute cakewalk. The engineering team has now convinced our search engine that simple searches are not beneath it.

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