Release notes for 17 May, 2022

A list of all the new content added to LawVu in release 210

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  • Fixed an issue with standard reporting where the approved invoice amount disappeared from the YTD section. Approving an invoice typically adds those fees to your Year to Date totals. Recently these fees instead made their way into the abyss, which reflected rather poorly from an accounting perspective. Our engineers have been lowered into the abyss, retrieved these fees, and redirected them to their intended destination. This has now also been corrected going forward.

  • In the LawVu add-in for Outlook, tracking email threads in a folder didn't track subsequent replies to the folder in contracts. When tracking an email thread to a folder in the Files tab, only the first saved email remained in the folder. The replies would leap out of the folder. While a Jack-in-the-box is amusing for toddlers, we found that lawyers had zero sense of humor for this behavior. Email threads have now been encouraged to stay in their designated folders.

  • Some LEDES files didn't display the timekeeper in the PDF summary. Once approved, the LawVu-generated PDF invoice was not displaying the timekeeper field. Everyone knows that receiving a card from an anonymous person is cute on Valentine's Day. However, I think we can all agree that it's considerably less endearing to receive an anonymous invoice. Hence, we fixed this one pronto and have teed up a retrospective fix for those invoices that were affected.

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