Release Notes for 4 August, 2022

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 231

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  • One user was taken to the first page of the Business Portal when they clicked on the link to a matter rather than the matter preview.

  • A user in the 'Our Team' setting of the 'Reports' module tried to view the graph for 'Most Active Staff,' and reported that the page took too long to load and received an error message.

  • A redundant document category was removed for one user.

  • A 'file format not valid' error message was received by a user who tried to open the excel file containing their exported grid view.

  • Contracts created via wizard didn't automatically open in preview mode once they were created for multiple users in an organization.

  • The 'Completion' form for a contract was blank when an already signed contract was uploaded.

  • The sorting feature didn't work in the 'Invoice details' section of 'Vendor Management'.

  • The number of system notifications in the approval history of a contract was inconsistent.

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