Release notes for 26 January, 2023

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 275

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Product enhancements:

  • The invoicing feature was changed to more clearly indicate when a batch is in 'draft'.


  • Filtering the invoicing grid according to service provider produced an 'internal error' message.

  • Members removed from matters and contracts still received conversation notifications.

  • Double-clicking on an organization in the Reporting β†’ Service Provider β†’ Total Spend by Service Provider chart and then clicking back caused the chart to glitch.

  • Some users reported seeing an 'Only members of the Matter Administrators security group can use this context' message when accessing matters or contracts.

  • An inconsistent matter number appeared in the saved views.

  • Contracts past their expiry date remained in the 'executed' stage.

  • Key Date and Expiry Reminders appeared in the Planner for voided contracts.

  • A due date in a task template was applied to all matters of that matter type.

  • Matters created by Administrator and Inhouse legal users from add-ins didn't appear in the intake queue when it was assigned as the default Matter Manager.

  • The option to rename folder templates did not appear in matter and contract type settings.

  • A User could see a matter they didn't have access to in the 'Matter Activity' widget in the Hub.

  • When switched to 'view invoices' in the 'Invoicing' section of the Engage module, the Legal Service Provider column didn't appear for one user.

  • Files uploaded to the Knowledge Base without assigning a category didn't appear there and could only be located by searching for them.

  • Switching between views very quickly caused an inaccurate view count.

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