Release notes for 23 February, 2023

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 281

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  • We changed the style of the invoice uploader in the Engage module.

  • The 'new batch' button was removed in the invoice batch uploader view.

  • When no invoices are in a batch, the 'invoices' grid won't appear, and users will see an enlarged invoice uploader.

  • The 'duration' field was renamed 'matter assigned date.'

  • A new field called 'duration' was created and represents the number of days between when a matter is created and when it's complete.


  • When an invoice was opened from a notification and the 'actions' grid, the Legal Service Provider was listed as 'N/A.'

  • Hypermedia prevented an LSP user from performing certain invoice batch actions and resulted in the following error message: the requested action is not authorized under system policy.'

  • The totals for invoices in 'draft' mode didn't appear in the 'viewing all invoices' ribbon in the 'Invoices' section of the Engage module.

  • The 'third party' field failed to appear on an invoice when the 'show in form' box was ticked on the Invoice Details in Vendor Management → Billing.

  • The 'cost center' field didn't appear in the invoice grid within a matter for an internal user.

  • The 'mark as paid' option didn't appear an invoice in a batch was opened for a second time.

  • Days continued to be added to a matter's duration after it had been completed and the duration date for some matters failed to appear in the grid.

  • In internal testing, the currency values switched when an RFP was sent from the client to an LSP and then back and forth again for negotiation.

  • Trying to send a message in a conversation with an image attached resulted in the internal user seeing 'error creating message'.


  • Request to restore a deleted folder in a matter.

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