How to upload invoices within a matter

Upload invoices directly into a matter using this convenient feature

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Usually, invoices are uploaded on behalf of your Legal Service Providers from within Spend > Invoices. Read how here.

However, there is a more convenient facility whereby you can upload invoices within a matter.

Select the Invoices tab within the matter. This is typically where you would see all the invoices that have been uploaded against the matter.

Click the + Add Invoice button in the top right. Note that you will need to have 'Manage invoices' permission enabled on your account to be able to upload and post invoices.

A modal will pop up granting you two options:

  1. Upload invoice and post - the invoice will appear against the matter straight away. Or,

  2. Add to an existing invoice batch - you will be directed to Invoice batches where you can upload the invoice to the desired batch.

If you select Upload invoice, the file picker will be displayed. Simply select the desired file(s) and click Open.

A window will then pop up with the preview of the uploaded invoice. Here you can attribute the spend to a Legal service provider (for the LSPs that have been added to your directory). Enter the invoice number, amount, invoice date, and due date, and the rest of the details. (Note that all fields marked with a red asterisk are required fields.)

Note: If your organization uses multiple currencies, and you're submitting an invoice in a currency different from your organization's based currency, you have the option to choose the relevant currency. The system will then automatically convert the fees into your default currency.

For more information on uploading invoices in multiple currencies, click here.

Click Post batch when done.

The invoice will instantly appear in the matter, awaiting approval from the assigned matter owner/delegate.

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