Release notes for 7 March, 2023

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 283

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Product enhancements:

  • A '+ New batch' button was added to the invoicing modal when invoices were in the 'draft' stage.

  • The message users see when deleting an article or document category was changed for accuracy.


  • When invoices in a batch had duplicated invoice numbers, when one invoice number was changed, the error message alerting the user to the error still appeared until their browser was refreshed.

  • In the 'Invoices' grid in the Engage module, invoices that were text files appeared in the 'original invoice' column, which should only display LEDES files.

  • The invoice uploader appeared when a batch had already been finalized.

  • When a matter or contract was deleted, the account activity in 'organization settings' displayed 'organisation' in the 'entity' column instead of 'matter' or 'contract.'

  • A user assigning themselves as Matter Manager had to refresh their browser to enable specific permissions.

  • Business users couldn't access attachments to a .msg file added to a conversation.

  • The 'restricted' column in the grid appeared blank unless the field was added to the 'create' or 'completion' forms for a matter type.

  • No confirmation message appeared when file tags were updated.

  • A user received an error message indicating 'one or more invoices are required for validation' while performing random actions.

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