Release notes for 9 March, 2023

A list of all new content added to LawVu in release 284

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  • While in the invoice batch grid, an internal tester noted that when the 'matter' field was filled in, the rows were reordered.

  • Duplicate entries appeared in the 'history' while viewing files.

  • A browser refresh was required to update the file history in internal testing.

  • When a conversation occurred between a client and an LSP's user, the activity log captured the 'action' as 'deleted' instead of 'replied.'

  • The currency value displayed in the grid differed from that in 'Matter Details' for one organization.

  • Search results were inconsistent when searching for a matter with an apostrophe in the matter name. Sometimes all the matters appeared in a search, and sometimes, only a few did.

  • When the users in one org clicked the 'sync files' button in GDrive, the sync did not work.


  • GDrive sync failed for one organization.

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