We all know that security of information is key, so we are very happy to announce the arrival of multi-factor authentication as an additional security option for your accounts.

Multi-factor authentication

To enable two-factor authentication for your organisation, you will need to go to Settings -> General -> Security

Once enabled, this setting will apply to all users within your organisation. 

When logging in to LawVu, your team members will see an additional screen after entering their username and password. They will be asked to enter enter a verification code that has been sent to their registered email address.

The user can ask us to remember their device if they are logging in from the same PC everyday, meaning that they will not have to complete the verification step again unless they log in from a different location.

NB: The option to remember your device will not be effective if your local system storage is cleared every night. This is a setting controlled by your internal IT team.

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