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AzureAD (Office365) - Provisioning AD Groups into LawVu Teams via SSO
AzureAD (Office365) - Provisioning AD Groups into LawVu Teams via SSO

This guide describes creating LawVu Teams by utilising your AzureAD Security Groups through SCIM provisioning.

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Please note that our released SSO enterprise application in the Microsoft store does not support group sync at this stage. We have a pending Microsoft ticket to add support. If you plan to use this feature, the SAML app must be configured manually. LawVu can provide guides to set up this part manually.


LawVu provides the ability to use your AzureAD group, which has been assigned to the enterprise app and create a Team in LawVu. Any users in that group become Team members in LawVu. To utilise automatic Team creation in your LawVu app, the setup of SSO must be completed by following this Azure AD guide.


You will require administrator access to your AzureAD (Office365) tenant and also be in touch with a LawVu technical contact in order to enable Team provisioning for your account.

Known Limitations:

The existing setup enables you to provision a Team through an AzureAD group. However, the setup won't automatically remove / erase the Team from LawVu if the said group is unassigned from the enterprise application.

Configuring Group provisioning

Please ensure that group provisioning is enabled in your enterprise application.

Contact LawVu to enable the feature

Please ensure you have raised the request through our support channel to enable Team provisioning for your LawVu account. This feature is disabled by default for all new accounts.

Ensure correct naming with your legal team

Please verify that the names of the AD groups are accurate and align with the expectations of your legal team within LawVu. The name of the AD group will undergo a direct one-to-one translation during provisioning, resulting in the creation of a corresponding Team within the app.

For example: The below AD group has been created to allow access for users in a specific region and is also used to assign a role within the app.

AD Security Group: "US_app_access_LawVu-Users-Contributor"

This will create a Team in LawVu with this exact name.

Assign a group to the app

Please ensure you have assigned a group to the application to allow access.

Reporting a problem

Before submitting a problem report, kindly review ALL the settings mentioned above. If the problem continues, please reach out to our support team for further assistance.

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