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The following provisioning features are supported:

Push new users

Push profile updates

Push user deactivation


You will require a LawVu account and be in contact with our implementation team.

Azure Active Directory (AAD) - SAML

Go to Azure Active Directory Admin Centre.

Under All Services go to Enterprise Applications and click on New Application.

Select Non-gallery application and give it a new name.

Once created. Select Single sign-on and enter the values provided by LawVu.

Identifier (Entity ID)

Will be supplied by LAWVU

Reply URL

Will be supplied by LAWVU

LawVu configuration

Please share below 3 values with us through your preferred secure way.

Please also inform us of any additional domains that will be used for login.




Issuer AD Identifier

Please provide


Issuer Login URL

Please provide


Certificate Base64

Please provide

Azure Active Directory (AAD) - SCIM

Select Provisioning, click on Get Started and enter values supplied by LawVu.

Tenant URL

Will be supplied by LAWVU

Secret Token

Will be supplied by LAWVU

Open the Mappings and disable the Group sync. This will only prevent the creation of Groups in Lawvu which are simply not supported. It is not affecting the adding of groups into the app access further below in this guide.

Save your changes and click on Provision Azure Active Directory Users

1. Ensure the users objectId is mapped to externalId.

If externalid is not available in your selection, then it might have been used as a mapping already and needs to be removed. This change only applies to this application.

2. Please map the mail to username by editing the attribute as above. Do not leave this mapped to userPrincipalName unless explicitly requested by the business.

This becomes the login name to LawVu which will be the users primary email address.

Set the correct precedence to ensure correct update priority.

“objectID” to 1

“mail” to 2

Set your desired scope and set Provisioning to On under settings.

Ensure you add the desired users into the LawVu app for automatic user provisioning. Please communicate with your Legal team leader which accounts require access to LawVu.

Reporting a problem

Before you report a problem can you please check ALL of the above settings. If the issue still persists then please get in touch with our support team.

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