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The LawVu Word add-in is designed to let you open, edit, and save documents to and from LawVu without logging into the main LawVu application.

With the LawVu Word add-in you can quickly and easily edit files that exist within LawVu, without the need to first download the documents to your PC. These can then be saved back into LawVu as new versions, or as entirely new documents. When opting to overwrite as a new version, LawVu will display the version history to provide an accurate audit trail.

How to Install

To access the Microsoft Store simply click Insert in the toolbar in Word, select Add-ins and go to Store.

Alternatively, you can search for the Microsoft Store via your preferred search engine. Once in the Store search for "LawVu" then simply follow the on-screen instructions.

System Requirements

A current Microsoft Office 365 subscription.

User guide

Upon first logging into the LawVu add-in, the LawVu taskbar will appear on the right side of the screen.

Select one of the available options, or dismiss the taskbar by clicking the "X" in the upper right corner. If you dismiss the LawVu taskbar you can access the same options again by using the LawVu add-in buttons contained in the Word toolbar.

Saving a document to LawVu

To save your document choose the Save to LawVu option. You will be prompted to select the appropriate matter, either from the list of recent matters or by searching for a specific matter.

Once a matter is selected, navigate through the folders (if any) and then click the Save here button.

When saving an existing document after an edit, there are two options:

  1. Save as a new document by using the Save here button.

  2. Save as a new version of the existing document by clicking the blue arrow icon next to the name of the file that is currently open.

Once complete, you will see a success message indicating that the document has been saved into LawVu.

Opening a document from LawVu

Click Open from LawVu and select a matter from the recent matter list, or search for a specific matter. Once a matter is selected you will see the list of files contained therein. Navigate through the folders (if any).

Please note that only .docx format documents are supported. Other file formats remain visible, but cannot be opened if incompatible with Microsoft Word.

Simply click on the document you want to open. You will see the success message as a new window opens with the selected document.

You can then edit the document and save it back to LawVu.

(See above instructions for Saving a Document to LawVu)


Potential Issue: The file auto-generates its own name as it is saved.

Method of Resolution: Currently, there is no user interface to name a document as you save it to LawVu. To name the file, save it to your PC first. Rename the file as desired, then save into LawVu

Potential Issue: Unable to open a particular file.

Method of Resolution: Check the file format. Only modern .docx files are currently supported. Older .doc files will need to be saved to your PC and have the format converted to .docx

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