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Editing Word documents with Word Online
Editing Word documents with Word Online

Edit your Word documents in LawVu with our Word Online integration

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Sending Word documents from LawVu to Word Online for editing is a simple process. After making edits, the document is automatically updated and returned to LawVu, while retaining access to the file's previous versions.

Before you start, pay attention to the below requirements to get started with the "Edit with Word Online" function.

  • The file must be a .DOCX format.
    โ€‹Note: a 'DOC' file is an older version of a Word file and will not work.

  • You will need to have an Office 365 account to utilize Word Online function.

To get started, select a Word document in the files section of a matter or contract, then click on the ellipsis menu and choose 'Edit with Word Online'.

You can also choose to edit from the file preview window by clicking Actions > Edit with Word Online.

A new browser tab will open, and we'll start opening the document with Word Online (Office 365) - this can take a few moments.

Once the document is open, begin making edits, and you'll see the document periodically being saved. Once done, make sure you see the 'Saved to LawVu' indicator - then you can close that browser tab.

When you return to LawVu, you will see both new (current) and previous versions of the file.

Please note that any modifications made to a document within 10 minutes of the initial change will be reflected in the latest version saved in LawVu. The reason for this is that Word considers every edit as a new version, which could potentially lead to multiple new versions and cause confusion. To prevent this, all changes made within 10 minutes are consolidated into a single version.

Note: Edit with Word Online functionality will not work on documents that are password-protected or files with older versions of Word (.doc format). An error like the given example below will be displayed:

For password-encrypted files, you can choose to: (1) download the file and edit it using your Word desktop application, (2) remove the file encryption, re-upload it in LawVu, and edit with Word Online. On the other hand, you can (3) re-save the file with the older format to the latest Word version (.docx file type), re-upload it to LawVu then edit it with Word Online.

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