Giving and receiving good honest feedback is the key to building successful client - service provider relationships. 

Our feedback system helps:

  1. In house teams to gather feedback from their internal clients

  2. Service Providers to gather feedback from clients

How it Works

Please note: You must be the Matter Owner or a Delegate Matter Owner to leave feedback. If someone other than the Matter Owner or a Delegate Matter Owner completes the matter, the feedback form will not show, and the Matter Owner and Delegate Matter Owner's will be notified that the matter is complete and will be prompted to leave feedback.

  1. Complete a Matter

At the top right corner of the screen, click the "Matter State" button to move the matter into "Complete" state. 

2. Leave Feedback

If you are the Matter Owner, or a delegate Matter Owner, then you will see the feedback form. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the form. Once you click "Save Feedback" the Matter Manager will be notified and LawVu reports will be updated.


This panel in the feedback form is special, which is why it looks a little different. It is used to generate an NPS score as described here. Its a particularly useful metric for service providers.

Feedback Notes

Star ratings and NPS scores alone often aren't enough to tell the whole story, so we've included a simple text entry field to allow people leaving feedback the option to expand on the reason behind their scores.

Reviewing Feedback

Within Matters

Once feedback has been placed in a completed Matter, you can see the summary score represented as a 5 star rating.

If you click on the stars, it will open the feedback form.
If you are a Matter manager or delegate you can review the feedback in read only format.
If you are a Matter manager or delegate you can update the feedback

From the Service Provider Dashboard

As a service provider, you can click review feedback from all clients in your dashboard. 

Clicking on the star ratings, OR on the "Feedback" tab  will take you to a full list of all feedback from all clients. 

From there you can click on any line of feedback to go into the Matter to review and understand why the feedback was given.

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