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This page describes the LawVu feedback and rating system in detail.

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Giving and receiving good honest feedback is the key to building successful organizational relationships.ย 

Our feedback system helps In-house teams to gather feedback from their internal clients

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How it Works

1. Complete a Matter

At the top right corner of the matter details, click the "Matter State" button to move the matter into the "Complete" state.ย  You can also click on the ellipsis button to show the Change state option:

Once you tick the Complete button and hit Next, the matter completion form will appear with the required fields that need to be filled up before completely moving the matter state to Complete. To know more about the matter completion form, click here.

2. Request/Leave Feedback

Request feedback by selecting a person from the people picker and an email will be sent to the appropriate person to provide feedback on the completed matter.

Clicking on the number scale will automatically submit the feedback.

Feedback Report on Completed Matters

To extract the scores for the requested feedback, you can add below matter attributes to the matter grid:

  • Feedback submitter

  • Feedback score

  • Feedback submitted date

Once they are added, you can export the Feedback data along with the rest of the columns found in the grid by clicking the Export icon found on the right-hand side of the page.

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