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Deploying the LawVu Outlook and Word Add-Ins via Office365 Admin Centre
Deploying the LawVu Outlook and Word Add-Ins via Office365 Admin Centre
Installation instructions for your IT team.
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LawVu Add-In - Deployment through Office365 Admin Centre

If LawVu users are unable to install Outlook and Word Add-ins themselves, then they can often be installed and deployed like any other Microsoft Office Store add-In, by utilizing the Office365 admin center.

Required Permissions

In order to streamline the installation and first use of the LawVu for Outlook add-in by your users, we recommend preemptively consenting to the required API permissions on behalf of all users who will require this add-in.



User.Read (delegated)

Sign in and read user profile

Used to sign in the user to the LawVu Outlook

Mail.ReadWrite (delegated)

Read and write access to user mail

Used to read mail to support uploading of content, attachments and metadata (subject, sender, recipients) to LawVu and to add categories to emails that have been tracked or saved

offline_access (delegated)

Maintain access to data you have given it access to

Used to allow background email tracking to run when the user is not actively using their Outlook


In the Office 365 Admin Centre, go to Settings then Integrated Apps. Click on Get Apps:

Search for LawVu:

Select the target user or a user group:

This will automatically deploy the Add-in to the selected users and will make it available in Outlook or Word.

Please Note:

If the Add-In is not available after the deployment for the users, please check if there are any security policies both across the organization or on individual user machines that would prevent access to the Microsoft Office Add-In Store, or the use of Outlook Add-Ins.

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