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LawVu Customers, Article 5: Configure Matter Scoping Forms for your Outside Counsel
LawVu Customers, Article 5: Configure Matter Scoping Forms for your Outside Counsel

Configure Matter Scoping Forms for your Outside Counsel

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Using LawVu Spend Management efficiently requires you to clearly define the work that needs to be completed by the outside counsel engaged in the work. Realistically and accurately scoping the work helps ensure everyone’s expectations are managed. It also allows outside counsel to more accurately estimate the cost of the work.

Configure your “Matter Details” and “Scope Management” tabs to collect the data your team needs to both effectively outsource the work and stay apprised of its progress.

In this article:

How to Configure Matter Details

Note: Only the Organization Admin can complete this configuration. Speak to your system administrator if you’re unable to access LawVu Settings.

1 - Click on the “Organization Settings” found on the bottom left of the page. Then, click on Matter Management.

2 - Click on “Settings” under “Matter types.”

3 - Select the matter type. For example, “HR & Employment” is chosen in the screenshot below. In the “Matter details” tab, you can set up the fields you need to capture the required data.

4 - Each field can be configured using the little “Settings Cog” or removed by clicking the “X.” From here, you can also allocate which of these fields are duplicated in the “Scope Management” tab and which ones are visible in the initial matter “Create Form.”

5 - On the right-hand side of the matter configuration page is the “Field library,” which includes standard LawVu fields and bespoke custom fields that you can create yourself. Use “Section Header” to break up the “Matter Details” into logical groupings and insert hints and placeholders to ensure your team enters the data as intended.

How to Configure Scoping Fields

Now that you have the matter types and details set up, you can go to the “Scoping Fields” tab to ensure “Scope Management” is turned on.

1 - From the drop-down, choose the appropriate setting for your needs:

  • On – This means scoping will always be on and is suitable if you always outsource this type of work

  • Off – This means scoping will always be inaccessible for this matter type

  • Optional – This allows your LawVu users and lawyers to activate scoping as and when needed

2 - In this “Scoping Fields” view, you will see the “Matter Details” fields that you have selected to be duplicated in the “Scope Management” tab. You can also include any additional fields that will help you negotiate effectively with outside counsel e.g. fee arrangement, fee value, and hours per week. Remember that Custom Fields can also be used.

Remember that all fields are completely customizable, so you can configure different scope forms for different matter types. Accurate scoping is the starting point for successful estimating, work assignment, and relationship management with outside counsel.

Configuring your “Scope Management” fields in LawVu enables your team to create and use a comprehensive, consistent scoping process when briefing outside counsel. To know more about the process of negotiating the scope of work with outside counsel, click here.

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