Sending invoices to Accounts Payable

How to route invoices to Accounts Payable

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How to send invoices to Accounts Payable

To send an individual invoice to Accounts Payable, simply navigate to the relevant matter and click on the Invoice icon.

Check the box next to the relevant invoice and click Send.

This opens a popup where you can insert the email address and add a note to the recipients.

How to set up automatic invoice routing to Accounts Payable

Click the Settings icon in the bottom left of your LawVu screen and select Legal Service Providers

Select Billing.

Under the Settings tab, enter the email address for Accounts Payable in the Contacts panel.

How to send summary invoices to Accounts Payable

It is possible to send a summary cover page to Accounts. This summary features a total for the LSP rather than a fully itemized invoice containing all the line items.

Under Accounts Payable, switch the toggle on for Send cover page only.

How to add a PO number to an invoice

Often an essential requirement in the billing process is that the purchase order number is captured against a matter and sent to Accounts Payable.

To ensure that the PO number is a required field, click on the Org settings / Legal Service Providers / Billing / Invoice Details. Org Admins can set fields to be required on the Invoice modal after a batch has been posted, and this will ensure that all data is captured before an invoice is approved.

Marking the fields as required does not affect the Legal Service Provider view of the invoice modal, and the fields will only show as required on the client side.

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