Release Notes for 20 August, 2021

A list of the new content added to LawVu in release 134

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Product Items

  • We deployed some more preparatory work on Limited Access Membership (still hidden behind a feature switch)

Bug fixes

  • Search for Document ID wasn't working

  • Uploads were failing for one user when importing a .txt file

  • Corrected a bug causing the cursor the jump around when trying to rename files

  • Matter search index fixed

  • Duplicate matters were appearing in grid for some users when sharing views

  • Corrected an issue to do with downloading incorrect msg attachment

  • The "Recent" section in dashboard was being wiped out after Redis restart

  • Fixed an error when updating name of matter in grids as LSP user

  • Fixed an async issue whereby users were unable to see updated file history until they refreshed

  • Actions button was showing no options on RFP file

  • Enabled editing of previous document versions with word online

  • Prevented Standard users who are members of matter being able to search files

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