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Configure SAML SSO with Google Gsuite
Configure SAML SSO with Google Gsuite

This article describes how to configure SAML 2.0 with your Gsuite account to allow Single Sign On with Google.

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  • You will require a LawVu account and be in contact with our implementation team.

  • You need to be a Google Admin to finalize below tasks.
    Google Workspace SAML 2.0 App

Step­ by ­Step Configuration Instructions

  1. Go to Google Web and Mobile Apps and Select Add custom SAML app:

2. Enter a name for this SAML connection. You can download our logo from here:

3. Please download your metadata and provide back to LawVu. Please be aware of your company’s security requirements when sharing this metadata.

Also supply any additional logon domains as they will have to be whitelisted in LawVu.

4. ACS URL and Entity ID as provided by LawVu.


Will be provided by the LawVu team

Entity ID

Will be provided by the LawVu team

Please ensure “Name ID format” is set to eMAIL and “Name ID” to Primary eMail.

5. Please set the below attributes to the correct SAML claims.

Please note: The employee ID number must be set in the user’s profile and has to be unique across your Google account for each user. This unique number ensures that an account can be identified in case an email change occurs for the user.

Once completed click on Finish and then select the newly created app from the list. Click on User Access to assign the app to your legal team.

Based on your requirements or organizational team structure, provide access to everyone or a specific user group.

If all settings are correct below, SAML login should be successful.

Reporting a problem

Before you report a problem, can you please check provided guides and help articles. If the issue continues, then please reach out to our support team.

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