Release Notes for 23 September, 2021

A list of the new content added to LawVu in release 144 (Note that Release 143 has been bundled in with 144)

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Engineering Items:

  • Removed our dependency on redis cache, then tidied up and remove unused code related to this


  • Corrected a problem where Lookup(Multi) field values were not being fed to webmerge

  • Removing yourself from matter/contracts now redirects you to the grid view

  • Our number fields were not prompting for a warning message when entering non-numeric values

  • Adding users to a completed matter was, in some cases, incorrectly switching the matter back to "Active"

  • Resolved a problem where the person field type wasn't feed through to wizards

  • We made the Lookup(Multi) field type editable in grids

  • Plain text emails were not rendering in our previewer

  • Eradicated a bug that was causing duplicate file issues in Tasks

  • The Attachment button in conversations was not working as expected

  • Resolved an issue users had been experiencing causing an error when joining matter from their Intake grid

  • Corrected an issue where users applied a sort to their first grid column to sort but it got applied to the second one

  • The Delete button in contract types had taken it upon itself to stop working

  • Some users had been getting the dreaded Internal Error when deleting a department. Not anymore!

  • "Approve Invoice" was stopped appearing in personal activity

  • Corrected some weird display behaviors when enlarging a contract file

  • A refresh is no longer required to reflect scope changes

  • A refresh is no longer required to see options for posted entries

  • A refresh is no longer required for voided invoices to disappear

  • A refresh is no longer required to reflect the addition of a team in the Security tab

  • A refresh is no longer required to reflect resolved actions in the Timeline

  • A refresh is no longer required to reflect count indicators on Tasks or the Invoice tab in Matters

  • Incorrect filter results were being applied for Lookup(multi) fields

  • Fixed a cosmetic error where the text box was being hidden when there was another column

  • Squashed a bug preventing new entries from being added in the Lookup(multi) fields via their grid.



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