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The InsideVu - February 2022
The InsideVu - February 2022
Written by Ashley Bass
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LawVu- The first truly connected software platform for in-house legal teams.

We hope you've had a great start to the year and a happy Valentine’s Day. We love working with you! To show our appreciation and make sure you get the most out of LawVu, we've started The InsideVu, a regular product digest exclusively for LawVu customers.

Our mission is to drive better business outcomes by providing the world's leading and most-loved platform for in-house legal teams. One of the ways we do that is by investing in new features and enhancements that help you get more value from the product.

Last year we shipped more than 20 feature updates to make LawVu even better for you, your team, and your business. I’ve included a summary below so you don’t miss out on anything.

If you need any help using these (or any) features to get the most out of LawVu, just reply to this email to set up a time to chat.

This year we’ll continue to make LawVu even better. We will make sure you know about all the new features via in-app announcements, emails, and The InsideVu.

The LawVu Team

A better user experience to make you more productive

Features that seem small can make a big impact on your day to day efficiency, so you have more time to do high value work. Here are some of the changes we made to your workspace that will help you work better:

Unifying your legal work
  • Now you can take an action – like delete, download, or send – on multiple matters or contracts at one time, right from the grid. It’s a huge time saver! Learn more in the Bulk Actions Video.

  • You can also filter and/or sort by Matter creator, members and due date in the grid.

  • If you’re an Org Admin you can set default preferences for notifications by role to reduce unnecessary notification noise for your users while helping them to focus on those alerts that are key to perform their function efficiently. Read more about User Notifications here.

More ways to make Matters and Contracts work for you

It’s easier than ever to get complete information and drive efficient workflows with these new features for Matters and Contracts:

  • New field types:

    • Use the new “Person” field type to let someone from your organization be named on a matter or contract, without being a member of the matter or contract.

    • Use the “Lookup (multi) field type when you want to present a list of predefined choices or add choices on the fly and allow for multiple selections at one time.

Unifying your legal work

See this help article for more information on how and when to use custom fields.

  • Permissions and access:

    • A new permission called "Can delete matter" limits the ability for contributors to delete matters and contracts while Org Admins and In-house legal roles keep the permissions they need.

    • Downgrade users on a Matter or Contract to a “limited access” permission if you want them to contribute to a matter but not edit it in any way.

  • Features to eliminate extra steps when you want to capture and report on time and invoicing for particular matters:

New efficiencies with teams and automatic assignments

Save time by automatically assigning individuals and teams when matters and contracts are created

If you are using Teams you can grant access to private folders to entire teams in the same way that you can grant access to individuals.

Not using Teams yet? Learn more about how you can use this feature to be more efficient by organizing your people into groups for assignment, access and visibility.

Save time and reduce risk with completions forms

The Matter and Contract completions forms add a new step to your workflows, so you can be sure critical information is captured and required actions have been completed before closing a matter or executing a contract. This saves time by eliminating re-work and reduces risk that you don’t have information or data that you need.

LawVu Admins can specify the fields which should be completed before closing a matter or contract and mark required fields that will keep users from closing a matter or moving a contract to “executed” if the fields are not filled in.

Unifying your legal work

See the Matter completion form and Contract completion form in action to learn more.

You can also notify users if there are incomplete tasks.

Unifying your legal work

More integrations to connect your workspace

LawVu integrations make life easier by connecting your legal workspace with the places you and your business partners work.

Now there’s a Google Drive integration to ensure continuity across your work by syncing LawVu Matters and Contracts with Google Drive. You can also open Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides directly from LawVu, so no more double handling of work.

Engage: Enhancements to maximise the value of working with outside counsel

Engage is LawVu’s solution for in-house legal teams to manage e-billing, spend and external counsel from one centralized platform.

If you’re not using Engage yet, contact us for a quick demo.

Now you can collaborate and work with outside counsel even more efficiently with these enhancements:

The New RFP Module

Save time and money with a brand new feature that streamlines your RFP process and integrates all the critical information you need in LawVu.

This brand new feature lets you create, send, track, and compare Requests for Proposals to outside counsel, eliminating extra steps and ensuring you get the most competitive price and aggregate reporting on your savings.

LawVu now supports the new LEDES format: XML 2.1, 98B, 98BI for e-billing, too.

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