Release notes for 21 April, 2022

A list of the new content added to LawVu in release 203

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Product Items:

  • We released the ability to add a default member/intake queue per matter type. Matters of a certain type are often wholly managed by a single person. This previously required manual movement from intake to the appropriate matter manager. Every. Single. Time.
    We decided to eradicate this time-suck by adding a setting to enable default MM assignment or Intake queue per matter type.

  • We also released the ability for organization admins to filter the account activity tab. Previously your LawVu account activity was chronologically listed in a simple ticker-tape feed format. This meant that any time you wanted to see who performed a certain action within LawVu, a lengthy scroll-fest ensued. To streamline this (and save you from burning out the scroll wheel on your mouse) we have now added a filterable grid to your Account Activity.


  • Fixed an issue where Team assignment didn't work for a newly created matter. LawVu contains a convenient feature whereby a specific legal team can be auto-assigned upon the creation of a certain matter type. This worked flawlessly until an organization switched Simple Ticketing on, in which event the feature simply went AWOL. Auto-assignment of teams will now be respected regardless of your Simple Ticketing setup.

  • The actions menu on the dashboard wasn't displaying any outstanding actions. The actions menu was not designed to provide a peaceful respite from the world. We certainly hadn't intended it to be a menu that you could simply rest your weary eyes upon, your mind pleasantly and slowly fossilizing under the sheer (and in fact unwarranted) contentment of believing no actions awaited your attention.

    It was designed to let you know what you need to prioritize. As it used to, your actions menu now actually displays the outstanding actions, and early feedback is that this is a tremendous improvement.

  • Enabled the ability to reassign more than 25 matters at a time. Our bulk reassignment feature was not enabling the "select all" option. Reassigning large numbers of matters and contracts 25-at-a-time perfectly catered for those with lots of time on their hands. For everyone else, there were tears of frustration. We're pleased to announce that you can retire those tissues, as you can now bulk reassign as many matters and contracts as required.

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